Hello, From Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦

Hi All,

I’m Christine! I got some time to wait since my puppy is due late Nov 2020. I’ll be taking her home in February 2021. I’m here to learn and prepare mysel, so thank you for this forum. Im in the GTA - for my fellow Canadians.

Bienvenue à la forumn! We can’t wait to see photos of your new pup!🐾

Do tell us all about her, who her Mom and Dad are and everything you can cos so many Basenjis have relatives on the forum !

Welcome!!!! You are in for SO much fun, and laughs, and the general craziness that Basenjis bring with them!!!! Please share pictures when you finally get your puppy. We all are wild about Basenjis and love pix.

Hello and welcome. We are anxious to meet your little bundle of joy

Can’t wait to post pics!!! I went through Skywalker Basenji in Quebec - he has a two that are carrying pups. So when I figure out the mom I’ll let you know the parents are.

This is fun! So, you’re still not off the hook. We EXPECT pics. Post ‘em!


That is hilarious! You have a great sense of humor! 🤣 No wonder you get along with Logan! 😝

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This is all I got - I know I’m crazy but im a very big DIYer. It may be an epic fail but I have till Feb to figure it out.


@christineo Looks like fun...NOT.... wire crates are best, IMO

You’ll see. It’ll be very open.
I have a backup one for traveling that is wired.

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