• Hi everyone!
    I'm Doug the owner of my beautiful boy Atlas.
    I got Atlas back in March just before the lockdowns started. In a way it was good for us because it meant I would be home with him a lot more than we had planned. We live in Albany NY were Atlas has enjoyed being one of the few basenjis in the area. (It really just means he gets extra attention at the vet) Atlas turned 6 months old today and as much as I would love to say it's been an easy journey, we all know that wouldn't be true ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • He is beautiful! Welcome to the forum.

  • My my. Atlas is VERY handsome.

  • @11dkaelin - what a cutie.... welcome. Many of us are related to our Basenjis, care to share his sire/dam's registered names and/or his breeder? Time to do his nails... LOL...

  • Congratulations and Welcome to the forum. Atlas is a very HANDSOME BOY!๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ•

  • @11dkaelin Hello Doug, we live in the same area and are getting our basenji on Saturday. He is a Mata Hauri pup. Atlas is a handsome pup!

  • Such a handsome young pup! I also have a tri boy, but alas he is 8 years young. Atlas is going to be a handful when he gets a bit older. Enjoy him and try and keep him tired out most of the time, as a tired basenji is a good basenji. They don't get themselves into trouble. Although Mr.T is 8, I also have a r/w named Zak who is now 15.5; semi deaf, but is still trucking along. As tanza said, time for a nail trim! Have fun with Atlas.

  • He's lovely - but do cut those nails ! and while you are abut it, make sure such a handsome young man is pictured in the Basenji Pedigree database on line. You can email me privately with his parentage date of birth and a picture !

  • Hi again!
    Yes his nails were a bit long when I took that photo ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I promise they're better now!
    For those of you asking his sire is AM Ch Mata Hauri Jenga and the Dam is GR CH Kiva Delovely
    He's from Amera Basenjis. I would love to know of any brother or sisters out there!

  • @bchatterji where are you getting your pup from?! It's good to know that he might have a friend in the area at some point!

  • @11dkaelin But what is his name so I can add him to the database ?
    You can email me privately. Email address in the signature block websites is now correct !

    btw - I think Mum's name is actually Kivu Delovely ?

  • @11dkaelin said in Hello from Doug and Atlas:

    has enjoyed being one of the few basenjis in the area. (It really just means he gets extra attention at the vet)

    I hope this doesn't mean he has had to spend time at the vet's office ? Apart, of course from the initial visit you will have made for a total health check on the new puppy (as all new owners do (I HOPE !) regardless of the health certificate they should have obtained from the breeder).

    And I would always prefer a vet who was 'Basenji experienced' to one who saw few of our breed. The more Basenjis on a vet's books the better. I have trained my vets over the past 40 years and am therefore confident that, whatever goes wrong, they will be on the ball !

    As you have your vet to yourself - Basenji-wise - start to get him reading all about the breed and train him for future Basenjis along the way !

  • @11dkaelin got our pup from Mata Hauri Basenji in NH. We have been busy getting him used to us and ourselves to him. I just say heโ€™s got us all wrapped around his little paws.

    [image size too large to upload]

  • @zande Yes you're right about the mum's name. Just a mistype! He doesn't have a registered name yet. I believe I get his AKC registration after his neutering.

  • @11dkaelin - That is not usual from most all responsible breeders? If they were worried about breeding him, they would have him registered as "Limited Registration" meaning they can be bred, if they are, puppies can not be registered and the dog/bitch can't be shown.

  • @11dkaelin Oh dear - But I hope you are not thinking of neutering him at all, or at the very earliest not before he is totally mature - structurally and hormonally. It really is neither necessary or desirable.

  • Note also that the AKC (American Kennel Club) frowns on breeders that do this (with hold registration papers) and also that the longer wait to register your pup, the more money it costs you (unless the breeder is going to pay the extra fees). As noted you should wait till the pup is mature before neutering.
    At the very least the breeder should have given you a copy of the registration along with a full pedigree.

  • @tanza Your last post should be mandatory reading for ALL new puppy purchasers !

    (Along with a request to supply their data for the on-line pedigree database !)

  • @zande We can only hope.... It is the same for people that want hypoallergenic dogs and so many places on the web claim that they don't shed and are hypoallergenic... NOT! And many do not really understand the importance of registration of their pups... I register all my pups myself, we (myself and buyers) come to an agreement on the registered name (call name is whatever they want)....

  • @tanza
    you would not believe how little information from some breeders we new owner's get.
    There are very few vets that know or understand Basenjis, very few trainers that even heard of the breed much less can help a new owner.....but with that said, I am thankful for this site and the information that all of you share with us....I personally want to thank all of you for keeping up such a great site for us newbies.
    Basenjiโ€™s are one tough little cookie with all their idiosyncrasies....it almost seems you donโ€™t teach them, they teach you the how toโ€™s of what not to do with a Basenji..... These little guys and gals, are amazing to me still. I marvel at how smart, agile, fast, stealthy and beautifully regal they are..2 years in and still learning.
    .....and I wouldnโ€™t change a thing.

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