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@zande Yes you're right about the mum's name. Just a mistype! He doesn't have a registered name yet. I believe I get his AKC registration after his neutering.

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@bchatterji where are you getting your pup from?! It's good to know that he might have a friend in the area at some point!

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Hi again!
Yes his nails were a bit long when I took that photo 😂
I promise they're better now!
For those of you asking his sire is AM Ch Mata Hauri Jenga and the Dam is GR CH Kiva Delovely
He's from Amera Basenjis. I would love to know of any brother or sisters out there!

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Hi everyone!
I'm Doug the owner of my beautiful boy Atlas.
I got Atlas back in March just before the lockdowns started. In a way it was good for us because it meant I would be home with him a lot more than we had planned. We live in Albany NY were Atlas has enjoyed being one of the few basenjis in the area. (It really just means he gets extra attention at the vet) Atlas turned 6 months old today and as much as I would love to say it's been an easy journey, we all know that wouldn't be true 😂

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