• I know most B’s hate water and baths... Max clawed his way out of the tub several times. For the past few weeks I’ve been wiping him down with a very drenched rag that gets him as wet as a bath... and he is completely fine with it! No treats needed. Has anyone else had this experience? It makes going to muddy parks much easier.

  • @mnbadger I use the kitchen sink (because I can use the sprayer close to the skin and get a good lather and a good rinse). It also seems like it's just the right size! That, and I don't have to bend over!!

  • @mnbadger
    I go right into the shower stall w/ Kembe - I quickly lather her up and use a hand held shower wand to rinse her off. She’s not crazy about it but tolerates it. I don’t do it too often - usually I just occasionally wipe her down with a wet wash cloth.

  • I have used both the bath and the "shower with me" technique, and no, they do not like it and you do have to guard against a sopping wet dog escaping to run through the house (keep the bathroom door shut!), but apart from their baleful looks of resentment usually bathing is not too difficult. A wet towel sounds like a good alternative, especially if you need to clean him often. Frequent baths are not good for their skin.

  • @eeeefarm said in Basenji Bathing Hack:

    but apart from their baleful looks of resentment

    This look is hilarious and sad at the same time. It looks like he’s going to hate me forever

  • I use my shower and in there with the Basenjis.... mine don't love it but with nice warm water they are OK...

  • Marvin used to strip to the waist and put them in the bath. He only bathed any of them extremely rarely, some lived out a long life and were never bathed. I haven't bathed on since Marvin died and he didn't for years before that.

    Basenjis lick themselves clean.

    Probably the best answer is to get a second Basenji. Then they will clean each other.

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