Basenji Bathing Hack

I know most B’s hate water and baths... Max clawed his way out of the tub several times. For the past few weeks I’ve been wiping him down with a very drenched rag that gets him as wet as a bath... and he is completely fine with it! No treats needed. Has anyone else had this experience? It makes going to muddy parks much easier.

@mnbadger I use the kitchen sink (because I can use the sprayer close to the skin and get a good lather and a good rinse). It also seems like it's just the right size! That, and I don't have to bend over!!

I go right into the shower stall w/ Kembe - I quickly lather her up and use a hand held shower wand to rinse her off. She’s not crazy about it but tolerates it. I don’t do it too often - usually I just occasionally wipe her down with a wet wash cloth.

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I have used both the bath and the "shower with me" technique, and no, they do not like it and you do have to guard against a sopping wet dog escaping to run through the house (keep the bathroom door shut!), but apart from their baleful looks of resentment usually bathing is not too difficult. A wet towel sounds like a good alternative, especially if you need to clean him often. Frequent baths are not good for their skin.

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but apart from their baleful looks of resentment

This look is hilarious and sad at the same time. It looks like he’s going to hate me forever

I use my shower and in there with the Basenjis.... mine don't love it but with nice warm water they are OK...

Marvin used to strip to the waist and put them in the bath. He only bathed any of them extremely rarely, some lived out a long life and were never bathed. I haven't bathed on since Marvin died and he didn't for years before that.

Basenjis lick themselves clean.

Probably the best answer is to get a second Basenji. Then they will clean each other.

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