• After spending some time researching for the past week, I pretty much concluded -" a Basenji is what I want! "

    Today I got reading on the 'Behavioural Issues' sub in here, and got in tune with all kinds of common problems with this breed, that all came off as very negative. I thought this made sense considering the specific sub I was on, but then came to see lots of negative aspects in this 'Talk' section too!

    I know this breed can be a lot to handle without mental stimulation and exercise ( raising a Blue Heeler showed me that first hand), so I definitely get where some of the bad traits come into play. This combined with lack of early socialization and you see the same kinds of issues between all these hunting/working breeds

    My general question is, what are you owners saying about the BEAUTIFUL and POSITIVE traits this breed has? It's hard to find a lot of that in these forums - & I'd love to fall in love with it again.

    Thanks 🙂

  • You know, Basenji's can run (I swear, 20mph, easy). Me... not so much. Every once in a while, my girl will get loose and go for a run. But I can't chase her, so I walk behind her and I let her "stretch her legs". She knows I'm back there, I know she does because she keeps stopping and checking to see if I'm ok. Then, after a bit, she'll just kind of hang out and wait for me. It's so sweet and it just makes me love her more.

  • This breed is no different then any other breed of dog when all is said and done. As a breeder for 30 plus years I know this breed... you need to raise a pup as any other breed but to keep in mind that they are a hound and as being such they are bred to hunt.. and you can't change that... you need to know that. They are a thinking dog so you need to know that and you need to work with that. Positive for the breed is you need to have a sense of humor...you need to visit with them and talk to people that have Basenjis, as important with responsible breeders.

  • Basenjis are a lot different in their attitude than herding and working dogs. Most seem more interested in pleasing themselves than in pleasing their owners. That said, they are delightful, and make you laugh often at their antics. Think about cats. They please themselves rather than worry about your feelings, but many people enjoy having them around. Basenjis are not for everyone, but if you "get" their particular quirky and endearing qualities you will always want one. I had two Basenjis and a Border Collie at the same time. I loved them all, however I knew my Basenjis would never adore me and obey me the way my Border Collie did. But guess which dogs slept in my bed? 😉

  • @vlukz
    What are the beautiful and positive traits of a basenji? There are many!
    They have the most graceful and regal gait when they walk. Basenjis like to sit like a person and they also cock and tilt their heads when you speak to them -it’s so funny. They are extremely intelligent and inquisitive which is why they have to constantly be stimulated. Basenjis are loyal and want to be w/ their family (my B watches every move I make). They like routines and live by a inner biological clock (I swear my B can tell time -lol). Basenjis are extremely clean dogs and groom themselves like a cat.
    I’m sure there are many more beautiful and positive traits that other forum members can add!
    My basenji brings me so much joy and happiness! Best wishes in your search for a Basenji, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the breed.

  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, some illustrations of Basenji charm:



    0_1584893041333_Buddies (2).JPG

    First three are my girl Lady, back in the seventies. Last one is my most recent boy, Perry, with his favourite person.

  • Basenjis are also extremely photogenic....




    ....and two at a time can be fun!


    ...and they are entertaining.....


  • @eeeefarm
    OMG! Love the photos - brought a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing!❤🐾

  • What are the beautiful and positive traits of a basenji?

    Lots have already been posted. Each basenji is totally different from another. No two are alike. My beloved Dannii (crossed from cancer at age 12 on 4-10-12) was my heart dog. I could not do or go anywhere without him right there at my hip. I didn't have him as a pup. He was a returned to breeder at age 1 or so. That's how he came to me. He could make me laugh uncontrollably, make me cry, make me so dang mad that I would want to smack him (I never laid a hand on him). He knew when I was feeling blue, and ill.....always was in my lap, my bed, the car. I could not go to the bathroom, let alone take a shower without him trying to get in the door. He was the first dog in my life (and I have had plenty), that had come down with cancer. That totally broke my heart. I changed his whole diet, and I did everything within reason that I could do to help him to be pain free. I had his niece Jenna at the time, she crossed last year at 3 months shy of turning 17, and I have Zak who is unrelated to Dannii and Jenna. He is now 15 yrs and 4 months. Mr.T came into my life 6-14-13 at age 2. Unbeknown to his previous owner (job transfer to Brazil) T had Valley Fever. My vet did blood work which is how we found it. A year later, T started acting just like Dannii did. By that I mean, I would give Dannii a treat, first thing he takes it and run's into the hall to eat it. Jenna or Zak never ever did that. We would get 7-8 miles from the dog park, and Dannii would start going back and forth, putting his paws up on the dash, and go to the back, and it was back and forth and back and forth and so on til we got to the park. T was not even born yet when Dannii died. T takes his treat and runs to the hall to eat, he too would go from from to back with paws on the dash several miles from the park. First time, I thought maybe he was reincarnated by Dannii. T was focused looking out the window, and I called him Dannii. Thankfully, he didn't turn and look at me. I'm not sure of what I would have done. T hangs out in the garage and sticks his head out the window........Dannii would do that. Well, enough of reminiscing, but you can see Basenji's bring you great job if you just don't take life seriously. They will be your best friend forever if you can put up with their quirkiness. I finally got a leather sofa and after a year and half, T ate it and ripped it. I was fit to be tied, but found it wasn't true leather to begin with. Not sure if your going to get a puppy........puppies chew. You value anything, put it up high enough so they can not reach it or behind closed doors!

  • @eeeefarm
    Thank you for those pictures....they made my day. It is good to see people that have and are still enjoying such a wonderful dog.

  • If you have a Basenji it is good to have a camera handy! There is almost always something to photograph, and with Lady back in the '70's there were no cell phones to do the job. I have literally thousands of pictures of my Basenjis. It gives me pleasure to look at them and remember the unique dog that was in my life at that time. I miss them all....

  • @eeeefarm said in Positivity?:

    Basenjis are also extremely photogenic....

    Love the first shot in your post. Always helps when you get down to their eye level. Your fifth one reminds me of a piece of art we have. It has vignettes of things that dogs do which make some people uncomfortable. One of those is titled: "Full Frontal". Ha ha.

  • @donc said in Positivity?:

    @eeeefarm said in Positivity?:

    Basenjis are also extremely photogenic....

    Love the first shot in your post. Always helps when you get down to their eye level. Your fifth one reminds me of a piece of art we have. It has vignettes of things that dogs do which make some people uncomfortable. One of those is titled: "Full Frontal". Ha ha.

    I like getting up "close and personal" My boy, Perry....



  • @eeeefarm said in Positivity?:

    up "close and personal" My boy, Perry....

    What an amazing shot! He's gorgeous!!!

  • Perry was an intense, beautiful dog. I lost him in 2016 at the age of 12, and I will miss him forever.

  • -They yodel when they are happy, it's truly a sign of our joy!
    -They don't like the rain and will bury themselves in bed covers or hide as they refuse to go outside. They will dance around and run around to distract you from putting on the leash. We lived in Portland when it rained so much but he still didn't change his mind : )
    -They love to be warm. Ours sleeps in his own bed but in the middle of the night will come and paw my head so I wake up and place his blanket over him so he is completely buried. I don't like being awakened but it's a charming trait and I don't like the cold either!
    -They will get you in shape. They love to walk and run. And you know that a tired basenji is a good basenji. And since they are sight hounds they know when there is another dog or animal nearby. Last week he stopped in this tracks and just ahead 3 coyotes ran down the road. They will check out the sky for airplanes and birds. They see the world sometimes you don't see.

    Good Luck! You have a forever friend!

  • The reason the ‘Behavioral Problem‘ section is there, is to discourage just ‘anyone’ from getting a basenji. We encourage questions, research. We want to make sure you are prepared for your basenji, so he/she won’t have to be rehomed due to behavioral issues. BUT, to answer your question, here is my list: Independent thinker, makes me exercise (walking the dog), no doggie smell- even when wet, very little dog hair (unless it’s the change of season and they are blowing out their coat), no barking, basenji talk (not all do this), entertaining, a very unique bond. I’ve owned 4 since 1996, each with their own personality. Raised 2 from pups, and adopted the last 2. We wanted to adopt another after our female passed this past November, but our male resource guards me, and HE wanted no part of THAT. So we will be a single basenji home till he passes. Many of us are lucky to have what we call, a heart dog/bond, with our basenjis. I have never owned any other breed, so I don’t know how that compares, but a basenji is more than just a dog.

  • to me, the beautiful and positive traits are the the thing you are warned about.

    My personality made me want a dog that was a CHALLENGE:

    I did not want a dog that stayed in an unfenced yard - I wanted a dog that wanted to explore the world! ( a dog that would enjoy exploring the world with me and my kids)

    I did not want a dog that accepted all humans and dogs right away - I wanted a dog that required a human or dog that it met to prove itself worthy of it's attention! ( so we would have that in common)

    I wanted a dog with an urge to hunt. In fact one of my goals in breeding was to produce dogs that I could throw out in the woods out back, and know it could survive if it had to.( I never threw them out in the woods, I just wanted them to retain the ability to hunt that their ancestors required to survive)

    I wanted a dog that THOUGHT. I wanted a dog that would require me to out think it sometimes. (At times they would do something that we had to figure out WHY they were doing it. It usually came back to their need to hunt)

    I wanted a dog that constantly assessed the situation, and decided "What's in it for me?" I probably go through much of life that way, and sometimes, what's in it for me helps me to realize why it was good, or not good, for someone else.

    There are a couple of posts mentioning their sounds. I just wanted to explain that all dogs do NOT make these sounds. I had one line, staring with my diva, Rosa, that made NO sounds. I had another that had a most beautiful yodel, and was as different from Rosa in most basenji ways. (In fact, she was an embarrassment to the breed in Rosa's mind). Their kids and grandkids were/are the same. No sounds vs sounds. However the girl I have left from the 'embarrassment to the breed' girl, is so vocal, 3-4 times a day. Every time we make a big deal of it, because it's so beautiful (and we have to decipher what she's trying to say.
    Please remember sounds/no sounds is not a reflection of their happiness with you or where they live. Sometimes it is genetics.

    And that makes me think of one last thing - basenjis are very good at reading your actions. If you think they're doing something because they love you (and you show it) they will continue to do it, to get the same reaction from you.
    Be sure that whatever they are doing gets a positive response from you, you won't mind them doing forever. For instance, sleeping in a special spot - make sure it's ok if you let them do it, only once!

    Owning a basenji means that someitimes you just have to let things go, and not sweat the small stuff.

  • @eeeefarm
    Your Perry was an incredibly beautiful basenji. I know that “one eye peering out of the blanket” look!

  • @vlukz Hello Vlukz, your puppy is so beautiful. Would you be willing to share the breeder's name? I am not sure where you are located we are in California but we got our last Basenji in North Carolina and I flew there to pick him up. Thank you! ariadne

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