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After spending some time researching for the past week, I pretty much concluded -" a Basenji is what I want! "

Today I got reading on the 'Behavioural Issues' sub in here, and got in tune with all kinds of common problems with this breed, that all came off as very negative. I thought this made sense considering the specific sub I was on, but then came to see lots of negative aspects in this 'Talk' section too!

I know this breed can be a lot to handle without mental stimulation and exercise ( raising a Blue Heeler showed me that first hand), so I definitely get where some of the bad traits come into play. This combined with lack of early socialization and you see the same kinds of issues between all these hunting/working breeds

My general question is, what are you owners saying about the BEAUTIFUL and POSITIVE traits this breed has? It's hard to find a lot of that in these forums - & I'd love to fall in love with it again.

Thanks 🙂

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