Non-energetic (sleeps a lot/eats little)

I'm so very sorry that your little one is gone.

Very sorry to hear this. A time that should have been joyful for you has taken a tragic turn. Give yourselves time to grieve. All of us who love dogs have inevitably had to say goodbye and it is never easy.

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@tanza The breeder was Susan Ledbury of Birdsboro, PA. We’ve done a background check (nothing out the norm) but it would be nice to track down some previous buyers to get their testimonies. At first, I was really angry with her and concluded it was all her fault but after getting the diagnosis back, Zazie condition is most likely hereditary and I don’t think anyone would have been able to catch it. But I don’t know for sure. Susan seemed super upset about* it, when we spoke. But if you have investigative tendencies and you can find any info on her and her previous sales that would be an awesome help.

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So sorry for your loss
What was the breeding on this pup? sire/dam of this pup.... and did Susan contact the breeders of the sire/dam for possible problems? Please contact me privately you can find out my direct email on my website noted on this post. I disagree with the fact that this might have been hereditary....

So sad - I am sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.❤🐾

@eeeefarm thanks, it’s truly been a difficult time for me.

@kembe thank you. your prayers means a lot

@thelees102117 So very sorry for your loss, can you please advise the sire and dam of her? It would help others that could be having problems with their pups... If I understand it correctly there were 5 litters produced from this breeder?

Also if you would like a link/contact to a responsible breeder, let me know privately and I can help... I know that this is a sad time for you....and I would say that the issues were not separation anxiety but the fact that this pups was ill.... certainly you can contact me privately, just go to my website link for my direct email.

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