• is there a trick so that they sleep through the nite

  • Yes. LOL, it's called Patience.

    I think Jazzy took about three days to settle in and sleep all night. Of course, we kennel her at night {with warm and cozy blankets}, so it's not as if she had much choice. She goes to bed around 11 PM and gets up between 6 and 7 AM….just like me!

    It's hard to remember exactly after a year and a half.

  • So long as you tire them out with a nice loooong walk after dinner mine sleep through the night. There are some nights when C3PO is up at 4AM!!

    But they usually got to bed around 10-11pm & they're up & ready by 6am!

  • I think it really depends on the age of the dog. I got my dog at 8wks, and I'd say for at least the first month, we took him out for a potty break once in the middle of the night. It helped if I limited his water intake 2 hrs before bedtime. don't take water away - just monitor the amount. (i.e. don't let him drink the whole bowl)

    I also found that he slept great when he was allowed to sleep WITH us. for some reason, sleeping "with the pack" made him sleep more soundly, and not wake up for potty break or playtime. of course, I only attempted this once he was housebroken and had a basic understanding of the house rules (no cat chasing, chewing or accidents).

    now that he's 1-1/2 yrs old, I have to DRAG him out of bed. If he had it his way, he'd sleep in until 8am every morning. I get up at 6:30am, he goes out to the bathroom, comes in, and goes right back to bed.

  • Zanex. 😃


  • Earplugs. 😃

  • Joey sleeps with one of us and doesn't get up until we do. He sometimes goes back to bed too!

  • Sahara sleeps in our bed usually with me, she will sleep until I get up, sometimes at 6:00, 7:00 depending what time I go to bed at night. I am a nightowl so it just depends on me, my hubby works the night shift so he is late getting in also. She sometimes gets up and goes back to bed, especially if hubby is still sleeping. You know what the saying it, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lay", and I do. haha. But all kidding aside, Sahara is a sleeping dog, she is still in the puppy stage I guess, 10 mos. and still sleeps alot.

  • Sandie sleeps with us…goes to sleep when i do usually bout 1am sleeps till 930 or 10 am... but she naps off and on all day .... she is most active from 7pm to 10pm...If she is ready to go to bed she just goes to bed and waits for one of us to come join her.

  • Bella was difficult because she couldn't hold it all night. I would have to take her out twice a night at first (3mos). If I didn't set an alarm and get up to take her, she would sometimes wet the bed! There I would be changing the sheets, washing the mattress pad and quilt… all at some crazy hour of the night. Eventually she did get better and we would go out once in the night. Then she FINALLY got to where she could make it all night if I monitored her water intake in the evening and took her out just before bed. Now she is almost a year old and don't have to limit water anymore. She sleeps from 10:30pm to 6:30am or later. I think it just takes a LOT of patience!!!

  • Brownie sleeps with us and my other 2 dogs Shelby and Mo. I tried to get him to sleep in my sons bed so that there is no conflict with Shelby( hes the oldest) he did for awhile. after he was house broken, but now he thinks he has to sleep in my bed. on my pillow wrapped around my head. In fact he is asleep now and when it is time for everybody else to go to bed he wants to play. He is getting a little better.

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