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@kembe thank you. your prayers means a lot

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@eeeefarm thanks, it’s truly been a difficult time for me.

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@tanza The breeder was Susan Ledbury of Birdsboro, PA. We’ve done a background check (nothing out the norm) but it would be nice to track down some previous buyers to get their testimonies. At first, I was really angry with her and concluded it was all her fault but after getting the diagnosis back, Zazie condition is most likely hereditary and I don’t think anyone would have been able to catch it. But I don’t know for sure. Susan seemed super upset about* it, when we spoke. But if you have investigative tendencies and you can find any info on her and her previous sales that would be an awesome help.

*edited "update able"

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Thursday, 3.19.20, was the hardest day of my life, I had to say goodbye to the sweetest little pup I’ve ever known. To quote my mom “ God gives us trials and tells us to be grateful for them because they make us strong”. It’s difficult to focus on that fact when you’re hurting. However, the emotions you are feeling doesn’t make the statement less true. It’s true that my heart is constantly breaking when I think of Zazie’s sweet face but my heart also smiles and is reminded of the love I have for her. Though our time together on this earth was short it was worth every second to have her in our lives. She will truly be missed and can never be replaced.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for her may God bless you and yours.
The internal specialist believes (can’t be confirmed until the results of the autopsy) that Zazie had Immunoproliferative (Basenji) enteropathy/ lymphocytic-plasmacytic enteritis. Which is basically the GI tract fails due to low protein and the body’s inability to absorb nutrients.

This condition is usually found in older dogs (1-3). The treatment for this conditions would require a biopsy and heavy doses of steroids. Per the doctor, success rate for dogs 1yr old is 46%; 6mth 30%. Due to Zazie’s age (12 weeks), her current weight (3.6lbs) and her underdeveloped immune system, her chance of survival was incredibly slim.

We were informed that we could take her home (without the biopsy) and administer the steroids but all that would do was prolong the inevitable. Neither my husband nor I could imagine seeing our little girl wither away. The first time was unbearable. So we had to make the harder decision of our lives to let her go and be with the Lord.

I think we made the right decision. I feel like any other decision would have been selfish on my part and she didn’t deserve to suffer any longer. I continuously ask God for strength, to overcome this pain, because I genuinely don’t have any at the moment.

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The breeder continues to states that Zazie didn’t have any health issues and that she was just a picky eater and petite. We did not know about the murmur. It was not detected at her first vet visit. Unfortunately, her first visit was a basic “general wellness” visit which mostly consisted of hands on, no lab work, blood test, etc. Being a new pet parent we figured this was normal. Kinda like humans going to the doctor, the do won’t run labs unless certain symptoms are being displayed.

After my last conversation with the breeder it was confirmed that a vet never saw her while in the care of the breeder. That bothered me. Because I asked before and my inquire was never really answered.

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Zazie is back in the ER. She’s hanging in there to see the internal specialist. Her blood sugar will not regulate. The doctors believe it is a liver shunt. Which btw, the original doctor retracted this theory and had use take Zazie home after one day in the ER. This was when we first took her to the ER, they retracted the idea of the liver shunt based solely on the fact that they were able to regulate her blood sugar levels for 8 hrs without meds (without speaking with a specialist to confirm). But here we are (2) days later with Zazie’s conditions worsen. Her small heart murmur has now turned into a stage 4 murmur and her glucose levels just won’t regulate. But as mentioned, she’s going to see the internal specialist on Monday and we’re praying he can confirm the liver shunt and is able to do surgery. I know God will see my baby girl through this and I ask for all your guys’ prayers and positive energy into the universe. Thank you SOOOO much

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Update: Zazie was at the vet all day today. Unfortunately, the doctor could not pin point exactly what’s the cause of her issues. However, she was able to conclude that Zazie is anemic which was the cause in the drop of her body temp and her fatigue. The reason for her lack of appetite no clear answer as of yet. Zazie was clear of all parasites and she’s scheduled for a liver test tomorrow which will require two blood pulls. She was looking A LOT better when we picked her up. We were instructed to do the following:

  • force feed Purina Pro plan veterinary diet; 4ml every hour (provided by the vet). Not to exceed past midnight, bc she can’t have any food or water 6 hrs prior to her appt.
  • administer .3ml of amoxicillin every 12hrs for 10 days
  • discontinue Pedialyte/water solution we were giving her and give her just water
  • deworm med for (2) days starting tomorrow
  • use iron supplement

So far the feeding process has gone well and she’s gotten a bit of her spunk back but we understanding it’s going to take time to get her weigh back up. Lastly, we ordered Pet Tinic to use as her iron supplement (should be here in two days) and when brought Nutri-Cal to assistance with the dehydration. So with prayer, patience, and doing our part I know she will bounce back.

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Update: we provided a stool sample to the vet yesterday to test for giardia. We should hear back Saturday or Monday. Zazie has been doing better with her separation anxiety, she able to sleep during the night, she’s no longer fuss when we go
up for bed. Once the test results come back, I’ll let you guys know the outcome. 🙏🏾 Thanks for all the advice

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@tanza we tried all of that. But we recently provide a stool sample to text for giardia. One of Zazie’s sisters tested positive. we should hear back from the vet Saturday or Monday. She’s been doing better the last couple of days. just her energy level is still a bit low (grated it still a bit cold here so idk is that has anything to do with it)

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