Pacific Northwest Breeders

My husband and I decided it was time to expand our family, and are wanting to get a basenji. I have been having a hard time finding breeders near me. Being in the pacific nw, I thought there would be at least a few in either Seattle or Portland. I am only coming across a few and the contact has been touchy. What are your suggestions? Any breeders out this way to recommend?

You can search for breeders by state at and/or try Evergreen Basenji Club There are a number of breeders in the PNW. Keep in mind that most all Basenjis are born this time of year and responsible breeders typically have reservations lists before the pups are born

@dombrowskym There are actually a lot over there, I know because I have been looking for a girl for over a year in the north east. Everything I see is either mid south or pacific north west.

We got our wonderful basenji who just turned 1 in Dec from Khanis basenjis in SE Portland. She does allow you to go visit and see the dogs and ask any questions. Last year we got to play with about 15 puppies it was great
She does show her dogs so her reply may not always be quick

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