• Cairo is my 5-1/2 month old brindle boy. He sleeps in a gigantic kennel with Caesar which I cover at night with a blanket.

    Now, Cairo barks and is a full basenji. He barks when greeting dogs and people and really excited. We have been told that his bark will eventually stretch out into a roo yodel once he is mature.

    At 6am we were all peacfully sleeping when we are woken up by the most wolf sounding howls I have ever heard. Cairo was howling in his sleep. One long tone over and over. He did about 6 of them and that was it. Silence.

    I waited and listened for him to baby cry to tell me he had to go potty…..nothing....

    It was amazing....I wonder what he was dreaming about.....

    We all woke up for the day about 30 minutes later and he was his perky playful self......

  • My blk/wht, 13-1/2 barks when she greets people or is happy and excited.

  • Cairo is also going through a scaredy cat phase. He is afraid of his reflection in the sliding window and will run away from it for 30-45min each night. He is also afraid of my shadow in the backyard!! Silly boy….

    Wolf by night, lamb by day.....

  • That's funny! I like how mine jump sideways 1 foot when they suddenly notice a stick on the ground like it was snake. Sometimes they yelp from fright at the thing. Too funny.

  • Yeah they can tell you he won't bark, but be forewarned, some do. Not like bark,bark,bark. But one bark-and it sounds a little funny. My Sugar barks. She'll be in a sound sleep,get startled by a noise and bark really loud-then go back to sleep after she's woken everyone else up!

  • Mine bark at times… Jamari was the the one that barked the most... and he did it under his breath..... gggg, but it sounds more like a "boof" then a regular bark...

  • In the 2-1/2 years we've had Magnum, we've heard him bark about 5 times. Just one short, funny-sounding bark each time, when he was extremely startled. I'm always telling people Basenjis CAN bark, they just usually choose not to. Lots of people are under the impression that Basenjis are incapable of barking.

  • well caesar, my 6yr old….is a no barker....i have heard him yodel about 6 times total when he is really ramped up to play....super silent

    cairo barks at least once a day......it is pretty amusing

  • My Topaz does a bit of night howling too…I thought there was a coyote in my house once & dh & I leapt down the stairs to see what was the matter only to find 2 calm little B's just waking up. I was so SPOOKED 😃 😃

  • My Mica does have a sharp bark when she wants something - like a "…I have to go potty" - she has sharper and less sharp singular barks too, but usually one syllable - if that makes sense in doggie language - or she will wake me up in the middle of the night because she heard something out on the balcony - perhaps a raccoon or critter - and than I am running down the hallway following her because she wants to go hunting in the middle of the night on the balcony - trying to silence her so she doesn't wake anyone up. Than it is muffled and she doens't like that - but than she gets quieted and runs back to sleep. I think she does it to see what I will do.:D

    BaMicas Mom

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