Meet Trigger from San Jose, CA

The eyes! The ears! The neck! The expression! The wrinkles! The markings!
He's got it all going on~
He's just gorgeous!
I'll bet he's a lot of fun too.

What a handsome little guy❤

He's cute - who are Dad and Mom ?

@triggers-dad - Hello, hopefully he was or his sire/dam were DNA tested for Fanconi? If not you should really do this. DNA test is a cheek swab that you do yourself. Cost is a well spent 65.00. Here is the link to order

He's GORGEOUS! Those wrinkles are perfection! 😍

I'm with Tanza on this - $65 is nothing to pay for peace of mind. Everyone should get their pups tested. It's so easy.

Best, of course, is if the breeder has shown you test certificates of the parents but if not, and to be sure, go to the OFA website Tanza has given you, send for the test kit and follow the simple instructions !

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His whole bloodline is tested.

Yes, it is ! Dad is Anza Pretty Black Kiah Boy Of Cyrus and Mom is Anza Ti-Calico Girl Of Cyrus. Dam is a carrier (of Fanconi) but sire is clear. She is clear for PRA too. I had Anza Trigger Kilekas erroneously in the database as a bitch ! She/he has undergone immediate sex-change surgery !

I'm glad you posted the photo and sent me digging cos I'd never have noticed my mistake. Any chance you know the names of the siblings !

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