Meet Laith

This is Laith! He came home over the weekend. Still working on getting comfortable with his surroundings and new routine. 🙂

alt text

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He looks lovely! Enjoy!

He looks great, Abboud. Love his coat!

Absolutely ADORABLE!

He's SOOO cute! I'm having a strong case of puppy fever! 😗

He's adorable and Basenji-Proud!

Very Cute! Congrats, many of us are related by our Basenjis, who is his sire and dam? (Dad and Mom's registered names)

dad is CAN GCh AM GCh ChBushwacker Mercury RisingJC and mom is AM RUS ChMeisterhaus Signet Out Of Your League.

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@abboud - Lovely pedigree.....

I’ll be meeting his brother in a few weeks 😉.

Both Saffy and Freddie are beautiful dogs!

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I'd tell you how incredibly cute your puppy is but first let me stop swooning.

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