• So here's the story. When I first got Goober he had the collar the shelter provided, but he would often sit during walks and wriggle out of it. So after about a week after we got him I went and bought a harness that would be harder for him to get out of. Fast forward a few weeks and we return to Pet Smart for a book on Shultzhund training. When I got to the register I realized I left my wallet in the car. I went to the car and started digging through the piles and piles of unpaid parking tickets. After a few minutes I heard sqealing tires and someone shout "Hey lady! Keep your dog on a leash!" I turn around think "that lady has a dog that looks a lot like mine." Of course, it was. I rushed over and put him back in his harness. After speaking to the lady for a few minutes i heard a commotion from the North Shore Adopt-a-thon bus visiting the store that day. Goober had escaped from his harness again and went running naked though the bus looking for playmates. I also never found my wallet and had to cancel all my credit cards. I took him back to Pet Smart last weekend. He wriggled out of his harness while I was talking to the trainer there about how to stop him from wriggling out of his harness. Although this time he just walked around with his tags in his mouth.

  • Great story! I had a good laugh . . . It is very hard to keep a good eye on "fido" and look for important things in the parking lot. Maybe Goober might have a little weasel in her. LOL 😃 (There is a recent forum posted about collars.)

  • Good story, but scary too…..

  • Oh my gosh what an escape artist!! :eek: :eek: I'm sure you had a few heart attacks. I guess the harness does not work. You may want to try a martingale collar. The more they pull out of it the tighter it holds them in 🙂

  • Oh my gosh! I would have had several heart attacks. Try a martingale collar asap!

  • I bpught a collar from petco (i imagine they have them at petsmart too) it actually pulls together tighter when they try to get out of it, it's kiond of like a choker but it a collar. I will post a photo of it later if you like.

  • That would be the martingale type of collar…

  • what a story. I'm sure now it's funny but at the time you must have been a nut. Your collar sounds like my wannabe car seat belt for my B. When I thought I finally had it, he wiggled his way right out.

  • Yes,definitely a martingale type.

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