Finally some Mojo Pics!
First Basenji's

MAMA! He's gonna put the thermometer WHERE?!?! 0_1552058777223_IMG_8257.jpg
0_1552058850140_IMG_8281.jpg 0_1552058837044_fullsizeoutput_3017.jpg

What a cutie! Glad you figured out the pictures!

@i-babygirl-i Frankly, I have never met a Basenji I didn’t like and I have never seen a picture of a Basenji that I didn’t like lol. They all look so awesome that you just have to admire them. Many good years ahead so enjoy.

I agree - I love Basenjis - big ears and big round eyes and all ! But PLEASE tell us the breeding. Who are Mom and Dad ?

OMG! She is so sweet! What an adorable little girl! Congratulations on your precious little angel.She is absolutely gorgeous!

He's a lovely puppy. I wish you every happiness with him.

So cute. Love the bat ears! Easily seen from the pics that this little girl is being abused. LOL

First Basenji's


Sire is Nocturnals Pete Rogers
Dam is Russell’s Issey Bell

@i-babygirl-i said in Finally some Mojo Pics!:

Sire is Nocturnals Pete Rogers
Dam is Russell’s Issey Bell

OK so he's from the litter of 2 boys and 3 girls born 31.12.18 - So I will add him as Mojo (s of N Pete Rogers) until we get a registered name. There are so many Mojo's I have to differentiate by adding (son of) -

At least that way you will be able to check the health tests performed on Dad as soon as I re-upload it all later today. It looks pretty good behind his sire - lots of clear-tested half-siblings too.

Although Mom's results (if she was tested) don't show up yet, her side looks pretty good too.

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You know, you can look him up and see his complete family tree with health details - I am trying to send you a direct link but this forum mail doesn't want to take it. However it's easy enough -

click on
Ask it for Mojo
Scroll down till you get to Mojo (s of N Pete Rogers)
Click on [PEDIGREE w/ LINKS]

Its a shame there are no photos on his pedigree. Many peds are almost complete with photos for every dog on all five lines.

But you can email me one when he is a little bigger.

If you'd like to see how a picture pedigree works, ask it for one of mine - try Itibari (that's my Hoover). She is the third one down, Zande Itibari. Her ped is almost full !

Have fun ! Some people spend hours on that website once they find it !

But if you can - get the breeder to send me names of the other boy and the girls !

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On OFA the sire has no permanent id.


Which is why I check everything with the AKC website and why I like registered names. His number there is HP446055/02. Mom is also AKC registered.

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