My sweet Stella

My sweet baby - she looks part Basenji to me, what do you all think?

0_1545685492072_Stella top of stairs.jpeg
0_1545685552100_Stella 2.jpg
0_1545685524156_Stella baby.jpg

Whoops! I didn't realize the pictures are so big.

@katzmeow She looks lovely. I can't really see how big she is from the photos. But I wouldn't think she's part Basenji but then you can never really tell. She looks very loveable.

If that is not a Basenji stare with those eyes, I don't know what is....not to mention those long slim legs. A pretty girl!

@katzmeow Usually I would say no way of knowing other than a DNA test, however she does look like she has Basenji in her.

She definitely has Basenji in her and she's a sweetheart.

She would appear to be MOSTLY Basenji - but appearances can be deceptive. I should play safe - treat her as a Basenji and I don't think you will be disappointed (or surprised !)

Sweet Stella is definitely SWEET!!!! I say YES part Basenji! She is Beautiful!!

Thank you all!
She has most of the attributes I've read about

here's a full body shot
0_1545697743849_Stella top of stairs.jpeg
she has the white socks, and the white tip at her tail, and she runs llke a bandit

Holy crap! looks so much like my Finely who we think is a basenji mix. How old is your baby?

@katzmeow I think she is definitely part Basenji. The way she 'owns' the bed and the coloring etc is Basenji attitude and coloring. She is lovely!

Definitely looks B to me!! The white on the legs and chest and the spots on the chest....she's a beautiful gal!

@patty ooh I have no doubt she is part Basenji, after seeing tons of images of the breed.

@krazytoo100 Thank you so much! and the white tip on the tail.
One thing I noticed about her, she is so into food!
and when we are out walking, her nose is constantly to the ground sniffing. I'm wondering though, if that's just because she was a stray and had to fend for herself. Bless her heart.

@antigone Thank you so much. She is really a cool dog. so loyal and she listens to me pretty well.

@thepugsmuggler She is a little over a year we think.
I have to see everyone's pics of their B's!
I can't wait!

@kembe said in My sweet Stella:

Sweet Stella is definitely SWEET!!!! I say YES part Basenji! She is Beautiful!!

Thank you!

@zande Yes lol I will treat her as a Basenji.

The ground sniffing is a Basenji trait - has to smell and investigate everything.they are also very fast - my basenji caught 2 squirrels while on a leash (in her younger days).

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