Sweet Pitsi and one of my last winter's pups, Bulldobas

I am so so bad with computers….Here is - if it ever comes - a photo of my sweet Pitsi and one of my last winter's pups, Bulldobas No Regrets aka Timon. Pitsi loves pups, be them hers or not.



whoa nice pic, love the dark muzzle on the pup!

Lovely picture…Thank you!

OMG - how adorable. What a great picture!

what an adorable photo!!!

I loved the picture. Both are very beatiful.

Wow, what a great picture. They are both beautiful.

thanks for sharing… i just love the serious look on thier faces...great photography work.

That is a beautiful picture!!! I've set it at as a wallpaper on my work computer…..Keep them coming...

You have too gorgeous basenjis! Thanks for sharing the picture.


Excellent picture, and beautiful Basenji's…....

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