Young male available (Nj)

Red and white. 1 year and 10 months. Euro import. Good with kids and cats. Up to date on vaccines. Intact. MUST have a fenced yard and prefer another dog to play with.

I am open to co-owning him with someone who wants to show and finish him.

He can NOT be crated for long periods of time.

Please contact me privately for all details.

What is his pedigree?

@tanza said in Young male available (Nj):

What is his pedigree?

Yes indeed ! Who are Mom and Papa ?

That's a great pedigree for US breeders looking for diversity. Nice looking pups behind your guy. How big is he?

It's so great that someone maintains the zandebasenjis pedigree database. šŸ™ƒ (Seriously it's quite the gift).

Where are you based? I would be interested. Would he be ok with a small miniature pinscher?

@donc said in Young male available (Nj):

It's so great that someone maintains the zandebasenjis pedigree database.

Why thank you kind sir !
Heidi (breeder) is a great friend - she has bred some lovely dogs.

I must have missed something - is he on the move and if so, why ?

I passed on the information to a couple of breeders who I thought might know of someone who might be interested. They thought the pedigree was most interesting. Their comments were that the Australian and New Zealand lines are well known as is the Yulara line.

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Hi, the basenji is still available? I would like to buy it for my boy, how much for rehome fee?

Hi, the basenji puppy still available? how much for rehome fee? I can pick up this weekend. thanks

Thank you all for your nice words of pedigree of this Perrada Unican litter, we too think it is really little bit different from most.. But if any breeders are interested in them, please be in contact with me. They all are still in Finland, just checked all owners in this litter.

Maybe this seller got his link little bit wrong.

I apologize! I did get the link wrong. In any event, here is the sire and dam of my dog...

Sire: CH. Hello World Afrikata (CH. Arcane From Black Manor X CH. Believe In Angels Afrikata)
Dam: CH. Jade Mysterious Talisman ( CH. Gods Must Be Crazy Afrikata X CH. Gurays Bokari Mysterious Talisman)

Ntymesko - Ilona would love to know what is happening to Lando. Please could you email her with an update or post me privately and I will pass on anything you have to tell her

Update: 11/13 he is still available.

Please note when contacting me: he will be 2 years old in December. Not a puppy

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