Handsome tri male in NJ rescue

Sid is a 3-5 yr old tri male in The Animal Orphanage located in Voorhees NJ.

It comes up as no longer listed.

see if this works. If it doesn't just type basenji and Voorhees, NJ in the search box.

He's a very nice looking dog. Sharron - are you listening? When the time comes, I'm starting to feel I would consider a rescue. Macpack wrote some very thought provoking words about taking on an older dog, though I don't think I would want a b older than about 3, because I need lots of time to give love.

A rescue dog is so rewarding and an adult especially if housebroken is sooo much easier than a pup. Submit an application as soon as possible to be sure you are approved. If approved, you'll be ready when you see the dog you want online.

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