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If he makes a chaos and that way gets your attention, you are actually training him to make a chaos. If he wants you to come to him, make sure you are awarding him (giving attention) when he is doing what you want him to do (standing still). And that is basic rule with everything.
If your dog is destroying a door when he want's to come in, do not open it then. Wait him to stand still. Then open. For some, you can't even walk to the door if he is standing there and sees you. Depens on your behavior more than dogs.

Getting a good trainer that is used to basenjis, hounds or sight hounds, would be a perfect idea. Asking advise from the breeder works good too, and she might know a perfect trainer from your area.

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Thank you all for your nice words of pedigree of this Perrada Unican litter, we too think it is really little bit different from most.. But if any breeders are interested in them, please be in contact with me. They all are still in Finland, just checked all owners in this litter.

Maybe this seller got his link little bit wrong.

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