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  • She said females are EXTREMELY territorial and can NEVER be placed together;

    I don't know who your breeder is, or what CBR is - but it is perfectly possible to have girls together !

    I have had 5 nubile lovelies living in total harmony with 3 entire boys for years. No fights, everyone free in the house and garden. I have also reintegrated fighting girls successfully ! It is all a question of who is the Alpha.

    In my household, that is ME !

  • Agree with Zande, while the rule of thumb is that opp sexes typically do better, you can have same sex in a household. I have two females and they get alone perfect (now going on 8yrs, intact, and one has had litters). Before them I had 3 girls, two of which had litters. That said, as I noted I did have one girl that for whatever reason just hated my oldest female and I did have to place her.

    As it is said...."it works till it doesn't"

  • @zande CBR is Colorado Basenji Rescue in the USA.

  • Thanks - I guessed it was some kind of rescue and rehoming organisation. Shame they don't know girls can live in Basenji harmony !

  • @zande @tanza Thank you both! I have thoughts, in the back of my mind, that another little girl (in the not too distant future) would be nice. I'm assuming that if I brought home a pup, 3 months old or so, that the puppy would fall in line and accept 'bug' without a fuss. The pup would be spayed when age appropriate. Is this a pipedream, or do you think it would 'work'?

  • @mvdperez said in Basenji girls fighting:

    When I contacted the head of CBR, she immediately told me what a horrible mistake it would be to bring two female Basenji together. She said females are EXTREMELY territorial and can NEVER be placed together; that they will try to kill each other. There is a Breeder close to me who uses them to keep the Basenji packs in order. There will be one for each pack. Therefore, if we are to find a companion for Bakagi, it absolutely MUST be a male.*I realize this is not what you wanted to hear, but it appears you have been given some mis-information concerning placing two femals together.

    No offense but these categorical statements veer into BS territory. Plenty of breeders have females that run together. I have a very good friend who placed four females this year. Three of the homes had at least one other (Basenji) female, and none have had any problems at all. The females get along great. I understand why someone might say you're better off with two males than two females, or better off with a male and a female than with two females, but whether two females work out will turn on personality and environment. IOW this is one of those "what is, is possible" situations.

    That said, I understand why CBR might want to discourage you from getting another female. The last thing they want is a failed placement.

  • @sass7656 said in Basenji girls fighting:

    So here’s an update. We are still deep into Tika’s heat. I am keeping her kennelled a lot of the time to mostly keep her from getting pregnant. When everyone is out she has to wear her chastity belt, her muzzle and be supervised 100% of the time, i even take her to the bathroom with me. I have a lot of gates in my house so I can separate the dogs without having to keep them like this all the time. The dogs don’t seem to want to kill each other all the time, right now they are sleeping on the couch with me. Tika is trying to lick Maia despite the muzzle and Maia seems very obsessed with Tika’s girl parts. If my male gets in the mix they start to get growls. I have been distracting them with basic commands and treats if they will sit nicely with each other. The game plan is to get my male fixed once this heat is done, I just don’t want him in pain with all this going on. He doesn’t need to be vulnerable until I can focus 100% on him. Then I will assess if spaying Tika will benefit the situation. If they really will not get back on track the breeder wants her intact so rushing to fix her seems like a bad idea. Advise me if I am wrong. I am hoping since they seem to have good moments together that once the heat calms down we may with patience and time get back to normal. I may be unrealistically optimistic but I am hoping I don’t have to rehome my Tika girl, that being said I am prepared to do it if I have to and I won’t take any chances with any of them until I am 100% certain. Any advice on anything I can do that I am not doing that can help is greatly appreciated! Thanks to all of you who are responding!

    I think the breeder is being too cavalier. Even sisters who have been raised together can be hard to reintegrate once they've moved beyond the snarky stage. However, the behavior you're describing seems quite positive. The licking and genital grooming seem very much in line with what you might see from a mother/daughter.

    That said, I can't see running a male Basenji with two female Basenjs when one is in season. Seems crazy. And trying to reintegrate in these circumstances seems even crazier. I'd see if you could have the boy go on vacation for a week or so. Maybe to the breeder? That would greatly simplify things and improve your chances.

    The science says that spaying won't change anything per se. So yes, it's a bad idea at the moment.

  • As previously said and a fact that is known.... IT WORKS TILL IT DOESN'T... It is very difficult to get females back together after they have a "war".... and very often it seems like they are fine together till they are NOT... that is why breeders recommend that opposite sexes work best. Note that they may get along as babies (worst in my opinion are littermates, even opposite sexes at times).. keep in mind as littermates they were always competing with their littermates for food and attention....
    That said I have two bitches that get along great... but then one of the bitches is very confident (not to be confused with dominate) and does not need to push the envelope. The other bitch is not as confident and will try and push the limits. The one bitch has no need to push her so they get along. However this does not always work.

  • New update: Tika is no longer in heat! Yay! Remy got neutered and is doing great! We got a dog trainer to come in assess the situation and she thinks it is starting to improve compared to how I described it when I booked her to come. Only Maia seems to need the muzzle, she seems to be very unsure of the puppy. We are working with her to build her confidence. The puppy doesn’t seem to have any stress with Maia around and won’t start anything. The muzzle is on just in case when I am home alone as I don’t want anything bad to happen when if I can’t separate them. The puppy is getting lots of training time to help her learn how to behave properly. With 2 people here we can have the girls on short leashes and they are fine together. They did have a small altercation of snarling but no biting and no one got hurt. The older female backed down and walked away. As much as I want her to be the top dog it seems that the puppy has a much more dominant personality. If they figure out the pack hierchy hopefully everything will settle down. The trainer says there are no pack instincts in domesticated dogs, but after having 6 basenjis I can’t agree with that in regards to basenjis. We can walk the girls together without muzzles now so I think things are more positive and they seem to be improving every day. When Remy is healed from his neuter I will get the puppy spayed and hope that calms things down even further. So far there is a lot more peace in the house. Please anyone let me know if there is anything else I should be doing to keep these girls on track. Thank you for all your advice and guidance! I am so grateful for this forum as what is normal for other dogs is not so much with these guys!

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