• I Was just curious how often do people give there dogs baths, obviously basenjis are very clean and I would assume with there short hair and cleanliness they need baths less often then other breeds but I want to be sure not to bath him too often or too little.

  • You can create skin problems with bathing a Basenji too much.
    So, unless covered in mud don’ t bathe more than once or twice a year.
    Be careful of what kind of shampoos you use.

    I used to use a wet facecloth on my Basenjis and they did the rest.

  • Once or twice a year here too, maybe another one or two when they are blowing coat as warm water help remove the dead hair. Obviously however when we were showing every week or so, bath before the shows.

  • Rarely unless there is a medical reason and needs medicated bath. We wipe them down with baby wipes to get off allergens from outside for our sake, wipe their feet.. but bathing is once or twice a year normally.

  • Once a year, during warm months.. Wet dog wipes are enough most of the time. Mine hates bath time...screams in the tub

  • I think this is going to be a decision based on your personal situation rather than health concerns. We (royal we) do it when they start to stink or have gotten too dirty. That works out to be maybe six or eight times a year. Obviously what is stinky or dirty is subjective. I've never personally heard of any health issues caused by bathing too frequently. On the other hand, I've known Basenji owners with a lot of dogs who rarely bathe them. So bathe him when you think he needs a bath -- and this is going "to depend".

    Just avoid harsh soap. Lots of products on the market now made especially for dogs.

  • Piper hates a bath so I started using doggie wipes and she does not mind them at all. Only when she is really dirty do we tackle anything more. When grandkids are over in the pool she will get in briefly with them, but comically mostly to ride on their inflatables. She is not a water dog but she can swim.

  • They can all swim, but all choose to avoid water at all costs. Whether it is rain, dew, or puddles, they will try their hardest to avoid it. As for bathing, I use the criteria that they will need it when they get one. I found when showing that a bath 2 days before a show will bring the gloss back to their coat.

  • It's been over 10 years for a complete bath.
    Except I had one girl (many will remember my 'problem child I never had, Ibis) who never learned, like the others did, that skunks should be run away from, not chased.
    I didn't know skunks could climb wooden privacy fences, and as it was climbing, Ibis was on her back feet, trying go get it. You guessed it, a face full of skunk smell! This happened a couple of times before she died 2 years ago.
    Life around here changed drastically when she left.

    Sometimes they get their feet washed, or there behinds cleaned up, but no full bath since their show days.

  • You know how they use Dawn dish soap to clean birds covered with oil? What do you think about using it on a basenji?
    I never have, I saw a commercial a few days ago, for Dawn,and just wondered.
    It can be used on a lot of things, our quartz countertop in the kitchen included Dawn as an product that could be used on it - no other dish soap was mentioned.

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