Kiora's Bathing Adventure

Everything you read about basenjis says they shed very little but that's not so. Abbey leaves hair everywhere. I had a Shi Tzu before her who lived to be 16. He had long hair and was a terrible shedder. I had to vacuum and sweep every day. I always said I had enough hair to make entire new doggies if I just had the inner workings.

Jazzy doesn't shed, per se.
I mean, when we hold her, we do get dog hair on our clothes, and there is hair on her bedding, but that is to be expected.
We do not find her hair on the floor, carpet, etc. as we do with our other dog {a shedding machine}.

Usually I can just brush the dust from the yard off of her.

My B spends almost as long licking himself clean as I did giving him the bath!

I always keep the dog wipes on hand because I am somewhat fanatical about wiping Cali off everytime she comes in from outdoors. The wipes really come in handy between batheing.

Sandie is a mad cat…. she's in the corner of the sofa in the basenji tight lil ball and wont look at me... she just had her 3rd bath... her first was easy being she was so small 7 weeks.. her second well was a lil more challenging, but she wasnt mad afterwards... now at 13 weeks she just decided she is'nt gonna go for this... I took pictures which i think made her even more mad...cause i was laughing at her... think ill go give her lots of lovings...

Sahara is getting easier to bathe each time, she has had about 5 baths, she is 8 mos. old. B's do not have an odor like other dogs, and she keeps herself pretty clean, so I don't bathe her that often, just when I am having company like today or she looks a little dirty. She hates when I spray her after the bath with Puppy Cologne, it's baby powder scented, it is so clean smelling. She does her B-500 race and it is so funny, but she is so soft and smell good afterwards. I always give her a treat after the bath, and I tell her that she is a good girl for sitting in the tub while I wash her. Treats help with everything. haha!!!!!:D

I think bathing a cat was easier than bathing Zahra! LOL!

I also believe that Zahra missed the memo that she is suppose to be clean because she gets really dirty at the dog park and it does not phase her one bit.

I only give Nosey a bath about 3 or 4 times a year. First, I must put on my Basenji bath time gear, (shorts and tank top). Then,I have to persuade him to come in to the bathroom with a treat. Then I hurry up and close the door. Then I have to pick him up and put him into the tub. Now, he will not let go of me. He hangs on to me for his dear life. I fill him with praises and fun time sounds the whole time. But, it never changes his mind about bath time. He just hates the water. But, manages to jump off of the boat and into the lake once every summer.

Candle used to scream (and I don't mean whine) when I would give her a bath. It is embarassing that her chart at the vet's offics has a big sticker on the front… "Bad with bath and nails". I have learned she hates being cold more than wet. So I put her in the shower with me, but I pre-warm the shower walls and floor. No shivering - no screaming.

Well this is a cute thread, I think all dogs will go out and roll in things, usually yucky things.:D I had my female for about 24 hrs, when she decided to roll on a dead thing.
:eek: I took her inside ready to fight with her, and when we got in the bathroom, she jumped into the tub!:D
Since then she is less reliable with geting in the tub, but does like to get in when I shower! ggg Carole

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