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    Meet Lilah. She is a handful. She is doing okay but def trying to challenge me. She is so adorable though right?....

  • She is! Our Lela (7) still climbs on the table to take in the view and the sunshine.

  • They are cute so you don't kill them, lol. I found my first basenji scaling a book case to get to my shoes that I had put on the 4th or 5th from the ground shelf away from her. My 2nd one was a freaking mountain goat. She'd hop into a kitchen chair, onto the table, over to the stand up freezer, then to the kitchen counters. I finally broke her using double sided tape on the freezer and counters but she was a very determined pup.

  • We purchased a bar-height table for the kitchen area. That did the trick, but then he started licking our feet. Evidently, he wanted us to know he was hungry again!

  • @alihunt How adorable!
    p.s. I've heard that aluminum foil covering the counter (table, chair, etc.) is effective.

  • @elbrant We used aluminum foil on a chair and Lola didn’t even care! She jumped right on and started pulling apart the foil!

  • OH MY GOODNESS! She is precious!!!!

  • She is very cute, but don't reinforce behaviour you don't want by laughing or letting her know how cute she is. If you want her to stay off something, remove her immediately (no pausing for pictures!) and tell her "no".

    A scat mat will usually be effective for keeping them off whatever you don't want them on. I'd be cautious putting one on a high counter, as the likely result is a very quick and possibly not well considered leap off! And it's likely not a good idea with a young pup.

  • What a cutee! Is this your first basenji? Always a shock the first time you turn around and are suddenly eye-to-eye with a puppy you're used to seeing on the ground! I had a foster who thought he was a rock climber--he somehow managed to get up on the counter by grabbing the handle of the oven door and clawing his way up the front of the stove(!) (Edit to clarify The stove was not in use at the time, and seldom is: I hate cooking: ) Believe it or not, this was cured by getting him a comfortable chair where he was high enough to sit and watch what I was doing on the kitchen counters. Naturally, the kitchen was gated off-limits when we weren't in there; But he had absolutely no interest in being in the kitchen unless we were.

  • @elbrant
    I have tin foil covering all my fabric furniture. It is the only thing that has worked to keep Seeka off the furniture and from chewing.

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