Clocks go forward and back - How to set the Basenji tummy clocks !

  • The clocks sprang (Spring-ed) forward over night and in 7 months time they will Fall back again. It normally takes me a couple of weeks to reset the tummy clocks on the Basenji pack. Last October I moved their evening meal slightly each day so the change wouldn't be noticed. NOT entirely successful. I've tried again this time but if anyone has really workable ideas, I'd love to hear them !

  • Sally I used to do the 15 minutes earlier or later til I got to goal.

    Then I realized on the later , I simply got protests every day. If I have to listen, might as well just wait for the real thing. Once a year they're happy, once a year they cry for a week.

    Why can't we just do daylight savings time and leave it there?

  • It doesnt solve any problems and is archaic.
    Just like summer vacations. Once absolutely necessary to get the crops in the ground and harvested.It stresses youngster and old folks mainly. If someone wants to start a political rally or a march🤪 I will gladly parade about with signs and donate a whole dime. I am not sure if other countries do it but leave it to our politicians to mess around with TIME. Next thing they will legislate fo
    r will probably be only allowing rain to fall on wednesday afternoon.

  • I've not found that my Basenjis actually have 'tummy clocks'. They'll wait patiently until feed time whenever it is and it's then that they get excited. There are always times when I'm of necessity late with feeding and not quite as often, early. It hasn't made the slightest difference unlike with other breeds I've known.

  • I do the same, my three wanted to eat at 4:00 pm .

  • Mine come and find me if I'm late with their meals (two a day, equal quantities to keep their weight even and to give them something to look forward to !) Keepurr is normally pretty silent and surprises himself when he yodels but I get a really understandable one if he has to wait for his bowl to be filled.
    My grandfather never changed his clocks and if the old man said he'd meet you at - say 3 o'clock - you had to figure out if he meant 3, 4, or 2. It was probably easier to go against the norm back in those days, fewer time pressures. He died in 1939.
    But you know, I am minded to follow his example ! If only politicians would heed the populace and leave things ALONE.

  • Our first basenji, if she could get access to a bowl, would lie with it in front of the tv and just stare. It was the cutest thing!
    I have no trouble with them in the spring, but in the fall I use the month before to gradually change their internal clock. It works, but it's very gradual.

  • I always vary feeding time a bit. It is a trick I learned after the first show with my horse... He was not a happy camper when one of his classes delayed dinner time. Being less rigid with the time and more rigid with a routine has made the time change a non-issue (though the horses have not had to learn to sit, they do have to wait for me to give the 'eat' signal before they get their grain like my b's have to wait for their 'eat' command).

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