Raw vs Kibble vs Human Grade Food

@debradownsouth I guess it was just the way you worded it. But I have researched it and added the doggie multi vitamin to help cover my bases. I feel better about this than any kibble (because I know I would just compare one brand to the next, constantly questioning if she was getting the best one).

I do agree though. The "experts" change their advice in a never ending loop: "Egg whites are better than whole eggs", "No, you can have whole eggs... much better than we thought", "Sacchrine will kill you", "Do this", "Eat that", on and on and on. Every time they come out with something, they turn around, take it back and come out with some other claim. Then there's all the freaky diets, "Dr. Atkins", "Paleo", "Vegan", "Vegetarian", "No white foods", etc., etc., etc..

The healthiest I've ever been is using moderation, the fewest possible processed foods, and limiting (but not eliminating) carbs and sweets. If I see a change in doodleBUG's health, I will make the neccessary adjustments. I just wanted to see why each of us favored the diets we choose (for our B's).

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@redial I have to ask: how big did you have the butcher slice the bones (for your Basenji)? If I try this... how big, or rather how small, should I have them cut it?

50 to 75mm (2 to 3 inches).

I used to give knuckle and marrow bones ... then my vet took a light and showed me the major cracks in 2 of my 5 dogs teeth. So watch for aggressive chewers. Sigh. I moved to frozen turkey necks. The shape seemed to clean their teeth but they didn't hurt the teeth.

I really should try marrow bones again with Moose. Cara can't handle any raw, but I could make it his crate treat while I'm in classes.

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@debradownsouth said in Raw vs Kibble vs Human Grade Food:

I used to give knuckle and marrow bones ... then my vet took a light and showed me the major cracks in 2 of my 5 dogs teeth. So watch for aggressive chewers.

I had the same experience with my Perry. I had to stop giving him bones. I think raw is probably fine unless the dog has immune issues. And of course just like meat for humans you need to be careful how you handle it and guard against cross contamination in the kitchen. Much poultry carries Salmonella. Dogs will shed it in their feces if the food they are eating is contaminated.....

Personally I liked dehydrated food......I used NRG........because it has the convenience of kibble, but is not so overly processed. That said, my second Basenji girl ate mostly Purina and lived to sixteen years old, as did my third. The last two, both boys, ate far better quality and did not survive as long. Genetics? One of my best friends fed her dogs the cheapest possible kibble plus table scraps and bones, and they lived to 16 (GSD) and 18 (mutt), so I'm not convinced spending a lot of money on "quality" food is going to buy you much....

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Dogs develop in spite of their food, not because because of their food.

Our Basenji Loki is three years old. For his first year we fed him a high end kibble. Two years ago we switched to a raw diet. Loki's was very healthy and vibrant during his first year, however after switching the the raw diet it was clear that he not only enjoyed his food more he also showed an increase in energy and vitality.

I'd never go back to providing Loki with a carbohydrate based diet. It's deadly for humans and even worse for dogs.

@elbrant doodle BUG's diet looks good to me, I feed Zuzu the same foods. I go light with the brown rice and not every day. The only thing I add is 4 ounces of wild caught salmon 2 times a week and a few sardines a week for the omega. I also give her a hard-boiled egg a couple of times a week - she loves scrambled eggs too. It breaks up the monotony. Sometimes I boil her chicken, usually boneless thighs so I use that water as her stock. Bone broth is supposed to be excellent for humans and dogs, can get it salt-free and onion-free versions in cartons in most supermarkets. Other times I bake her chicken. She also gets pumpkin and loves butternut squash. She gets a tablespoon of plain yogurt a few times a week.

Pretty much the same for snacks too, peanut butter filled Kong and she loves "Get Naked No-Grain Chews" - they provide a little calcium too. She still gets a couple of broken up freeze-dried Primal Nuggets as a training reward. They contain real ground up bones - real bones were something her diet was lacking in. She gets one chewable multivitamin a day too, just to make sure I'm not missing anything - and a few times a week ground eggshell.

Sounds like so much work, but once I got it down to a science it's really quite easy. She pretty much eats what we eat so hers is cooked with ours. If I bake lasagna or something I always have a few big frozen chicken meatballs in the freezer for her. I add the veggies right into the ground chicken mix with an egg and bake them that way for her.

I'll never go back to kibble - and neither would she! Her coat is thick and shiny, eyes clear, and she smells so clean. She's doing great on it! No more checking for recalls, either 🙂

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When feeding raw diet, keep your Basenji in their crate, if you use a crate. That will keep him/her from making a mess throughout the house. Sanitize the crate when you are finished.......I'll never feed any of my dogs kibble ever again. Watch the documentary Petfooled!

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