• Has anyone used CBD for pain management in end of life care?

  • Not to make light of your end of life query. But can you imagine a basenji high on MJ🤪***

  • I've not used it for dogs but have observed its efficacy in humans. I'm guessing how effective it will be may be different depending on the individual, but certainly worth a try. May help with appetite as well....

  • CBD is a life saver for pain. I suffer from chronic pain from multiple car accidents,horse wreaks,husband abuse. I have 7 herniated disks in my back/neck as well as shoulder
    pain and a torn tendon in my left leg. Doctors only want to put you on opiods and I don't want them and I also have declined surgery.
    I use CBD for my pain and it does work but I also use it in very high doses, 1500mg x3 and sometimes 4 times a day.
    I have used it on my one basenji who was 16 + years old and had lymphoma. It kept him comfortable and was a God send.
    I also used it on my B ,Rocky who had a tumor in his mouth and with other supplements is now cancer free.
    Wonderful stuff.

  • If I thought it would help I'd give it a try.


  • CBD oil has been helping my 17 year old man B with severe arthritis and my 15 year old B with bone spurs on her spine stay comfortable. There is very little to no THC in CBD oil, so they do not get high. Cannabidiol receptors are part of the body's own pain management system, so they are simply relaxed from the pain reduction. I almost cried for joy the first time I saw my old guy curled up in a cozy donut shape grooming himself, as he had not been able to do that for a long time. My girl had been flinching when touched even very lightly on the back, and she does not do that with CBD oil. I've only been using it for a few weeks and it really started helping them quickly. I bought a small bottle online at Lazurus Naturals just to try it, and I will definitely be getting more.

  • @laskiblue How much do your Bs weigh and what is the dosage you give them?

  • @joeyq Both Ivee and Tag weigh around 27 pounds and I have worked them up to the recommended dose of six drops. Right now I only give them to them at dinner time.

  • I am a volleyball player in my school. And this is one of the reasons why I am still studying because I'm a varsity player. And every time that we finished our training my body keep suffering from pain. My lower back, my legs, even my arms are in pain. And one of my friends recommends me to use CBD oil for this. And I am not sure about this that's why I came across this article https://www.greenmed.io/blog/can-recreational-medical-cannabis-coexist/[link text](link url) that it can help me to my pain. And I am using it now for 3 days and i feel relief. So thanks to MJ Haha.

  • You’ll find plenty of providers that sell pet CBD solutions on the Internet, but only several manufacturers prioritize animals https://labrescuenc.org/blog/honest-paws-the-crazy-truth-about/ . Honest Paws hasn’t attempted to compete on the general cannabidiol scene. Instead, it concentrates only on pets, trying its best. Although the selection of CBD solutions isn’t enormous, all the remedies are definitely among the best. Generally, they offer more than enough stuff for pet parents to pamper their fluffy friends and keep them happy.

  • I used it for Hoover. She had problems in the lower neck towards the end and the CBD oil on her food, a few drops at each meal, really seemed to work.

  • Towards the end I gave Jengo CBD oil. It isn't regulated whatsoever, so be careful about the supplier you choose. They all will usually say something like 99.9% pure CBD meaning they've extracted the THC leaving only a .1% trace amount. THC is what causes a high. What I found was that different suppliers seemed to have had different interpretations of what 99.9% pure meant. Do your research and find a supplier who knows what they are doing and is set up for repeatability batch after batch. A lab dedicated to dogs is even better.

    I had no intention of getting Jengo stoned. He hated being drugged. But, I wanted to take the edge off of his pain and reduce his anxiety after he became partially blind following his stroke. IMO, CBD helped. But I watched him closely and only gave it to him if I felt he was having a bad day, which wasn't everyday.

  • I used an animal version from a highly recommended source on Hoover. She had it daily to try to build up a pain barrier. Just 3 drops. My vet figured out the dosage and she had it with his blessing

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