My male b has developed a rather large lump (about the size of a golf ball) on his belly. I’ve had it examined thoroughly by a Vet and am reassured that it is benign. My b is 9 years old. I’m wondering if I should have it removed as it is slowly growing and somewhat unsightly. Has this happened to your b and if so what would you advise? I would welcome your comments.

Hi. Joey has a golf-sized lump on his front upper leg. When he had his teeth cleaned, the vet aspirated the lump to determine whether it was cancerous or benign. It was benign and the vet said it could be removed regardless. I chose to save money and left it. I am not a medical person so please seek guidance from your vet. Joey was about 10 when his developed.

The general guideline is if it is causing a problem, getting rubbed or irritated, etc, have it removed. That size seems big

My Promise has a lump on her neck and the vet got a sample of it just by using a needle. (I'm sorry, I don't remember the word used to describe the process)
It was just a fatty tumor and as long as it doesn't bother her, I am not going to have him do the surgery required to remove it. (She is 14)

My boy Rickie is 10 and has developed several of these lumps. My Vet says the same, don't remove if not necessary. Does anyone know what causes these??? My Rickie is not over weight, very lean. Thank you for any information.

Benign fatty tumours are called 'Lipomas'. Not entirely sure what causes them, but they've appeared in a number of my mature b's and fosters following vaccinations. When I started titring my 12 yr old male, he stopped getting them.

Other than 3 year rabies, I don't vaccinate after 7 unless a kennel cough if it's going around. Still some of the dogs got cysts. Fortunately none were big.

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Great info....I only have Rickie get rabies vac once every 3 years...nothing else. What is titring? When I looked it up it was defined as "half laugh" , so maybe you mean 1/2 dose? Thanks for reply

@branch - It is titers, blood test for antibodies to ensure immunity against a particular disease.

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