I found a lump…

Does the fact that there is a lump after rabbies shot means that the dogs body is making antibodies??????
Mine had their shot a week ago and lumps are not as bad as usual, the vet this time rubbed their neck for at least a minute after doing the injection. I'll have to see how it goes in a week!

Although never where she's had a shot, my B gets lots of "lumps and bumps". I take her to the vet and she aspirates them and says they are sebaceous cysts. I hope that helps.

It's fat!

My doctor is an expert in exotic animals, like Basenjis, and explained to me what these lumps are because my boy, "Cauy," had some. She said they were palanomas and they're common with the breed. They're not threatening and in fact are simply lumps of fat that are loose and unconnected but are right under the skin. However, there are many kinds of lumps a Beaseni can attain, both good and bad. My doctor knew how to determine the difference. Therefore, I highly recomend you see a vet to make sure, and one that specializes in Basenis.

The lump did disapear it must have been from the injection… but im thankful i now have a lil knowledge on any lump i might find in the future...

99% of the time they are just a cyst… and many times a lump will form where they have had their shots.. You will also find with older dogs they will get cysts, some more then others. My male (15 in September) has a bunch.. I had 4 removed about 3 yrs ago... only to have him get about 5 more... we have had needle biospy and they are just fluid.. nothing to worry about, they just look ugly... then my Maggii (also 15 in August) has but on small one...

I didnt read all two pages of comments but when lucy was about 1-2 years old she got them a lot, they eventually go away by themselves, just mkae sure it isnt a tick. She has them on certain seasons they just show up randomly and they go away in about 2-3 weeks so nothing to worry about really.

I have notice that my dog has a lump on her left side under her neck, where her jawbone is at.I noticed this today.I am worried.

My B got those right and left in the same areas you have described. My vet, whom I work for, called them seromas. pockets of serum trapped under the skin. he drained some of it out with a needle and showed me. It didn't seem painful to the dog at all. He said it was a common response in some dogs, to a slight trauma [injury, vaccine injection etc.]
and they went away in about 10 days to 2 weeks. I believe he was getting most of his from squeezing through the fence post and the house. After I blocked that off he didn't have any more of them accept once from a vaccination.
Of course if you have concerns and doubts, the best way to reassure yourself and put your mind at ease is to have your vet look at it. Like we always tell clients. diagnosis can't be made accurately over the phone. nor over the internet.
Hopefully though and most likely it is nothing serious and is just a simple seroma. not sure if I'm spelling that right. I'm the groomer not the tech. 😃
Hope this was helpful.

My Kiya got a lump exactly like you descibed. It was on her back thigh and never went away on it's own. I took her to the vet and they verified it was just a cyst and drained it. They said not to worry if it comes back, because it likely will. It would take surgery to remove permanently, but the vet said it's not worth it unless Kiya was going to be under anesthesia for another reason.

Mydaisy Has Little Lumps On Her Too. She Is 6 Yrs Old They Don't Bother Her. She Had A Vaccine A Few Weeks Ago. But The Other Have Not Gone Away.

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