LG after her first river trip

I think she wore herself out a little the other day on our hiking trip.. lol 0_1490216213389_IMG_4267.JPG

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Oh my word, she just gets cuter daily. !

Thank you! Things were a bit rough at first trying to adjust but now that she is able to get outside and we can get that energy out she has been such a joy and sweetie! 🙂 like yall said, "A tired puppy is a good puppy".

@pearlypoo Awwww...that face is one that you could just rub your face all over!! Looking at her eye's ... I believe she's thinking something along the lines of: "WOW! That was kinda' scary but fun too...sure glad my humans were keeping me safe! I wonder what all other fun things they're gonna' teach me about!!" I love the whiskers too! I have whiskers in my Yorkie's scrapbook & in both of my B's scrapbooks too. If a tooth came out & I found it ~ I still have it. I have some toe-nail clippings from all 3 dogs too. But pictures are best!! All 3 of you are lucky, lucky ... lucky!! 🙂

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