Basenji and the river

Hi, we are going to take our basenji to go down the river.
Now I?m looking for a cork jacket for him. Can you recommend me any good jacket?

I like this one but it is quite expensive.

Than I think this one is good too.

Is here anybody who has the experience with this activity and the basenji:)?

Thanks for any opinions.

The jackets on the links you sent look good - any of them would work. Attached is a picture of my little girl in the one we bought for her at PetSmart - brand is "Outward Hound" and floated Shaye very well when we tested it on her. She was littler then than she is now, so covered her more than necessary - it fits her perfectly now at 21 pounds.

Very nice pink jacket 🙂 on the pretty girl.
I think it is necessary to have the collar around neck. Like you have on the picture.

Thank you for the compliment - we sure think she's a pretty girl. I agree that it's necessary to have the part around the neck, to keep the head up should it become necessary in the water. They can swim of course, but you never know, so it's best to keep them safe. We really like the handle on top of the jacket also, it's a very useful thing when loading the dog on and off the boat, so she isn't in a position of getting off herself, perhaps falling between the boat and the dock in the process.

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