• kjdonkers thanks for the message response. What you said was valuable and I appreciate the communication.

  • @katoman said in Some info on vaccinations:

    I personally Love Dr Karen Becker and I believe she has sound Holistic views. Yes she offers products but most of the time her articles have nothing to do with what she sells. I believe Dogs are over vaccinated, that's why I am glad, Florida only requires a Rabies shot.

    Debradownsouth, as confirmed by private emails I got, when I battled with her, goes overboard on every topic, its her way or the highway......I had to stay away, as alot of people on this forum do, simple because of her comments and claims to be a expert in everything except knowing when to shut up

    Oh katoman, I could post the emails I got about you and your disruptive, vile bullying crude abuse of others that got you kicked off their boards/forums. If someone doesn't come here because they cannot just ignore my posts if I bother them, then that is sad because even someone on here posting personal attacks, abuse, talking about his junk being cut off, whatever... I would never let you drive me off. Your sig line though.. lol yep, you are a waste of time.

  • Enough already - if you don't like a forum member please just don't reply

  • @kjdonkers Sounds to me like the two young brothers who were diagnosed with severe autism, were diagnosed by a "quack" of a Dr. It takes a good while to be able to diagnose Autism & be correct about it. Thank goodness the two brothers were finally diagnosed correctly & given the appropriate care!!

  • @katoman If as you say, "..I had to stay away, .." then why are you back? You're nothing more than a "stink stirrer" to say the least! I don't remember you posting anything that had a link to prove/disprove whatever it was you were rattling on about! You may have posted a link & I missed it, sorry if you did! And this is a forum, not a "battleground" or a boxing ring or an mma cage!! A forum is for input from others on certain & many subjects, whether or not it's what a certain person wants to hear or agree/disagree with. I don't always agree with what is said by DebraDownSouth but at least she posts links (almost all the time) that give me the chance to read on whatever subject is being discussed. Many times, I get into reading some of the links she's posted & find more links!! Sometimes I find my own links to read on certain subjects. But just because I don't like what someone is saying things I don't like on a certain subject, doesn't mean I have to do "battle" with them! It is a forum, where people make their comments on the subject at hand. There will be negative posts as well as positive posts. Your posts don't really seem to tie in to very many subjects so if you can't stand the heat ~ then get away from the fire.... for Pete's sake! You have your own FB page for FL. Basenji owners ... why not go there, start your own forums on your page! I don't live in FL. so I haven't been to your page & I will not go to it, not because you think I'm such a terrible person but because ~ I have no business trying to be on your FB page! So, how about a time out for a bit everyone? Personally, I love it when people post links in with what they say! And that doesn't mean posts just from DebraDownSouth, posts from everyone! Sometimes I read so long on so many links that when I finish on the computer, I can barely see anything on & off of the screen!! And not all of those links come from DebraDownSouth, albeit, she does have a fairly large collection of links! Some I agree with & some I don't. But that's why I love the forums ~ all the different people & their opinions ... plus the compassion they have about the subject! So HEY EVERYONE ~ LET'S HAVE A GOOD FORUM, with many people & their opinions! I know, katoman, many people & their opinions might tick you off by their "blunt" opinions but, if a person is blunt & to the point ... I've been told that, "It's much better than reading someone rattle on & on." like me!! I know I do it but that's just me! There have been times I've been blunt & to the point though. ( Hard to believe, isn't it?)

  • @Nancy-Berry If only they had been quacks. The boys were ill and showed serious behavorial issues from birth, so they had been under observation and treatment from birth (problem is: if you have a mental problem, your PHYSICAL health will never be in question - it is against regular medicine protocol, at least over here).
    As it turned out, both parents had Leaky Gut Syndrome (without knowing it), and their sons had it in a double dose, so to speak. The therapist treated the whole family, with good results. The mother told us that now she could sleep through the night, which had been impossible for over 6 years because the boys needed so much attention.

  • @kjdonkers May I ask "Where is over here?" Sounds like the Therapist is the one who saved those boys! I have no idea how old they are to this day but, are they still on the special diet & doing well? (I'm guessing they are!) Two very lucky kids they are! I'm glad that things have worked out for them & I hope you keep me updated on them from time to time! I'm sure you know this but for those who aren't familiar with Autistic people, they are not "sick in the head". They are actually smarter than most of the average people! They usually have some very high IQ's! I worked with one young man that could tell you what year any State became a State, even when the Roman Empire fell. What I thought was so awesome is, he could name every dinosaur by it's usual name & he could tell you the scientific name also ~ which is a very long name!! You could open the PDR to any page & have him read on a certain subject & he could explain exactly what he had just read, in terms that normal people could understand! If that's not smart, I don't know what smart is!!

  • @Nancy-Berry Over here is The Netherlands. Yes, certainly in some ways, autism is a gift. It's a great thing that company hire them more and more because of their special skills and talents. The last time I heard about the family, all were well...

  • @kjdonkers Thanks for answering so quickly! I'm glad & happy to hear the boys are doing well! It's great to hear that they got hired by a Company & you said it perfectly, ... "their special skills and talents". 🙂

  • I comprehend the significance of having your own sentiment on immunizations and wouldn't dream of attempting to impact others or being accusing of everybody for pet choices I simply feel that there are other individuals to consider when settling on decisions.

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