Looking to try one of these....

1.Nature's Logic Canine Turkey Meal Feast

2.Carna4 Hand Crafted Dog Food

3.ACANA Grasslands Regional Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

so- currently they are eating grain free blue buffalo- but i really want to take them out of that, i know it maybe a little late in the game ( they are 7)- but i think its for the best health wise.
in their whole life span ive changed it once , they started with taste of the wild ,then to blue buffalo....
Vet says they are fine- but i want to start feeding them healthier.

has anyone tried any of these 3 brands with their basenjis?

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I have used ACANA, my guys seemed to do OK on it... but then I change up food every 3 to 4 weeks.

I have been using Acana for several years with no issues. Both Chance and Kiya still like it. I put a little warm water with their food and fish oil.

First Basenji's

The Nature's Logic and ACANA both get top ratings at dogfoodadvisor.com; the Carna4 gets a slightly lower rank, but still good. All score significantly higher than Blue Buffalo, so if you agree with that site's methodology, you should be good no matter what you choose. We feed Canidae grain-free dry (switching between different recipes every two months or so), and it's another top-rated option.

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I rotate my dogs food regularly.

1: high ratings, here's even a 20 percent off coupon: http://dogfood.guru/natures-logic/

  1. Carna4 ... good ratings https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/carna4-dog-food/
  1. Acana is canadia. https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/acana-dog-food-grain-free/ Good review.

Blue buffalo is a good product too. But changing slowly to another brand won't hurt them.

thank you folks!

great info there Debra.

went with Nature's Logic Canine Turkey Meal Feast (ordered from chewy) seems its an easier food to grab online.

ill keep you guys posted!

also have a question- anyone feeds their pups yogurt for treats sake? how often or what brand, and how?....


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@funnybunny both Chance and Kiya like yogurt, but it does seem to give them gas, so I only feed it to them once a week mixed with their dry food.

I use probiotics, which gives more healthy bacteria than a tub full of yogurt. Dogs don't really digest dairy often, so I don't give them yogurt for a treat. I do give them cheese sometimes. But if my dog loved it, might put a tablespoon ON their food.

I recently got these, both dogs love it... there are several flavors:
Purina Beyond Meal Enhancement Dog Food Mixer - Natural Beef & BerryPuree

Mine get a spoon full of yogurt every day, never had a problem with gas or digest..... all of my Basenjis loved yogurt... use plain, not flavored Greek

Ive also been using Acana for a few years now. Its actually the only food that my dogs love. I also find it a lot easier to feed my dogs with an automatic feeder. If youre looking to get one for your dogs, get more information here.

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