• Okay, so I feed my dogs Purina One Sensitive Systems. Lexi does okay on this stuff. She's not gassy at all, but she seems to only have BMs every other day or so. But she's always been like regardless of the food. I have noticed that sometimes when she holds it too long (like when there's snow on the ground), (sorry to get graphic here)– but she'll strain and the poop will come FLYING out and she'll SCREAM and it bleeds some. 😞 Poor wittle tang. This only happens RARELY...but still. Is it a matter of her holding it too long or do you think it's more the food?

    I was reading on some of the other posts and looked up the various brands mentioned. I think Blue Buffalo sounds like a good option, but wow, it's expensive!! And then I went back to the Purina site to see what kind of junk ingredients it had and IMO it didn't seem all that bad. But of course I wanted to run it across the best Basenji judges out there-- you guys!!

    Purina One
    Check this out and tell me your thoughts…

  • That doesn't look too bad. I would think that the problem is mainly due to holding it in too long. Our Ivy has that problem if she holds it too long. You might want to add something for fiber, though (pumpkin or veggies?)…it seems to me a dog should have a BM at least once a day. Ours usually have two each day.

  • Personally, I don't like to see that many grains so far up in the ingredients list. I feed raw, though, and am of the opinion that dogs don't need grains at all. To me, it's just filler. I'd like to see a couple more meat sources, especially some sort of meat meal a little closer to the top. I also don't like to see menadione on the list at all.



    There's a lot of controversy regarding what's best to feed. You gotta do what you feel is best to do.

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