At what age did your B get his/her yodel

Kalani is 11 months old and he hasn't got his yodel yet. At what age did other B owners get theirs?
He occasionally has a little one at the end of a yawn but nothing sustained as yet. I wait with anticipation because I firmly believe that's when he has fully matured.

Anubis is 17 months and she's never yodelled. I don't think they all do…

I hope Khalani does at some stage. I just love a B's yodel, it's sooo cool.

We have had 3 basenjis, only one ever yodeled and she did it from very young.

First Basenji's

I have been begging my dog to yodel everyday… she is tired of me askin hahah!

Oakley came from a litter of talkers, I don't recall him doing it when I'd visit the breeder but he said they all did. Once I got Oakley home at ten weeks he would most always yodel when I'd come's much rarer these days. On occasion he will baroo to tell me of a certain displeasure with my pace of activity (feeding, taking too long to he his leash…) on even rarer occasion I can coerce him into it by making the noises myself.

I wish he spoke more but am thankful he gives me some

There is film footage of Digital yodelling while still with his litermates at his breeder's home. Very, very cute to see a tiny baby puppy take one look at the camera and go "rooo-rooooo"

What is the difference between a yodel and baroo, Kaiser does a baroo(I know it's a baroo because it goes barooooooo) for my son, daughter and the cat mostly then sometimes for the husband but I don't think I have had one directed at me yet, hoping and waiting. Lot's of yawning with a noise to finish it but that's it.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Tucker used to back talk to his breeder. She would give him heck for doing something bad and he would sit down, look up at her and give a big baroo. He has outgrown his talking. Becca usually baroos when the hubby comes home. She is much more his dog than mine. Especially if he hasn't seen him for a couple of days. But I definitely don't get baroos every day as much as I would love it! Whenever they do talk we make a big deal out of it with lots of praise and pets.

Leki baroo'ed every morning when she saw me - Butu does it at the end of a yawn.

Yeah, what is the difference between a yodel and a baroo?

Lela has always howled like a little wolf, but her full blown yodel is pretty recent ( she is 2,5 y. now). Usually when she feels left alone or doesn't see us.
Binti (3,5 y.) howls a bit too, but less than Lela - she screams much more (at cats). She also has a deep humming sound, not unlike a small outboard engine that is not quite running properly. We hear that a lot when preparing her meals.
We hear from other owners that every individual has a different repertoire.

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