• Houston

    I think Pearl was 65 weekas when I got her. She was eating regular dog food, soft. Her mom was done nurding, I could tell she wasn't interested. Both her parent were owned by the man I bought her from. They were well treated, and had no problem with me petting them or the pups.

    Pearl lovers her family so much. She loves the neighbor kids, very much. We spent a lot of time with her, she is part of us now. I guess what I am saying is Pearl seems well ajusted. Is it the time we spent with her as a puppy? I don't know.

    Another thing, Pearls is active, but not usually nutty. I do take her out sometimes 2 times a day.SHe has a dog door and other dogs surround us. So I guess she stays busy.

    Pearl needs the activity, cause she is 31 pounds. Yikes! I love to hug her and she loves the attention, usually!

  • She sounds like a very good dog. She weighs 31 lbs?? It sounds like she's over weight. That's even heavy for a male. Do you have pictures?

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