Pearl is personable!

I know you all have wonderful basenjis, and this may not be very interestng to you. However, I have to share how adorable Pearl can be! She lays on her back a lot. Just now she was on her back and had her paws on her snout and was like rubbing her snout. SO CUTE! Gosh, I love her.

Pearl loves me also. Its really cool to have such an interesting dog.

Thanks for listening.


Hey that's what the forum is for-sharing. Pearl sounds like a great Basenji. Post some pics of those special moments.

Thank you for sharing. The only time I can get AJ on his back is when there is a treat involved. 😃

They truly are great… when they are indeed adorable (sans destroying our property). 😃


I am so lucky to have this board.

The forum is a great place to share stories, advice and pics, so keep on telling us about your lovely Pearl.
They do look so cute when they lay on the backs and rub their muzzles with their paws 😃


They do look so cute when they lay on the backs and rub their muzzles with their paws 😃

I didn't realize that this was a Basenji thing. 😃


I agree, it is such interesting dog breed..
Otis will "wash" his face several times a day, especially after he wakes up, I swear he is part cat.
Sharing stories, large or small..that is why forums friends are such "good friends" to have.


I agree with you. I am so lucky t have Pearl. She is a good loyal friend. I know she loves me as much as I love her. Thank you God for my girl!

What I love about my girl is when she sits on her butt and twists her head back and forth…we call that the b dance.

Hehe, Gizmo does this too. I think he is more on his back than on his side/tummy. Usually completely stretched out as if he is Superman.

Willie and Rosie do that also, and they each give me a look as they do it as if to say "how cute am I!" They know they've got me!

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