Pics of my beautiful Pearl!

Here are some pics of Pearl. She is 1 year 4 months. We do love her so. Her fur is on the long side, but her parents are both papered full breed basenjis. Her dad is the tri color like Pearl, her mom the red and white, both beautys as well!


Just wanted to say how happy I am to be able to express myself about Pearl. I am so glad others find their dogs as wonderful as I do.

Basenji Mix

Love the name - Pearl! She's adorable. I've never seen a basenji with fluffy fur before. Bet she's a softy. Thanks for sharing your joy.

Nice looking girl you have there. Thanks for sharing.


I have already seen a full basenji have that much hair, it was just red and white!

You have one Beautiful B. I like the way the long hair looks on the basenji. The tail looks awesome. WOW.


Thanks for all the kind replies! I am a lucky mom!

That's one beautiful looking B! Really a pearl, right? 🙂

Wow! I have never seen a long haired B. She must be quite unique. Great pics!

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