Something in the salt water
First Basenji's

Dolces first day ever at the beach went really good. She loved everything and surprisingly she wasn't even that scared of the water. There was a part of the water that the tide was going out and you would be able to walk out pretty far but it was the same depth. I had taken her with me the first time and then she would just follow me it was adorable. I think she prefers the salt water verses normal water, sound weird but she was unusually calm about being in it. Here is a pic of my boyfriend with Dolce havin family fun in the water!


Wow, wish Kaiser was like Dolce. He just didn't like the waves and they were only ripples - didn't want to force him so will have to try again as all the other dogs were having so much fun in the water and he looked so sad hanging out on the very hot sand. Looks like you will be having a lot of family beach fun time.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Glad Dolce enjoyed it!

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