• I don't have a lot of time to explain, but I was hoping for some forum support..on Monday Oakley managed to get ahold of his nylon leash and eat about 12-14 inches of it in little pieces (he's done this before and always pooped and puked it out)…he was fine until yesterday...he threw up in the morning (mostly all leash) and didnt want to eat breakfast...he deteriorated throughout the day, getting dehydrated, tail down, ears down and limpish..and still refusing to eat. After an emergency ER visit and an inconclusive xray they recommended he go to the hospital to get IV fluids and supportive care. While he made it through the night with no puking he still is refusing to eat, and is not improving despite medications and agressive fluids. He's going into surgery now. I'm a wreck right now in every way u can imagine.

    Need support

  • Hang in there. Hopefully he will be fine. My niece is a vet, and has taken all manner of things out of dogs. It is amazing what they will ingest! I know how upsetting this must be for you. Fingers crossed and sending hugs your way.

  • Oh no! Poor you!

    Here's a happy-ending story that sounds like what you're going through:

    look at posts from may 10 and 13. See, basenjis are resilient and I'm sure Oakley will also bounce back. We're pulling for you

  • Chealsie, how are you doing? How's Oakley? Is he out of surgery yet?

    We're sending positive, healing vibes your way. What you're going through is so scary, but you acted quickly and got him the help he needs. Oakley's a tough guy, healthy and strong, and that will help him heal. We're here for you. Update us when you can.

  • Sonny and I are thinking of you and Oakley! I know the little guy will bounce right back…..much quicker then you!!! 🙂 Hang in!!

  • 5:34 the vet called to say they were heading into surgery. She said to expect an hour of surgery if things went simply…it's 7:15 and I haven't heard anything yet. I have been through an exhaustive day emotionally. Between his getting worse, needing surgery, the safety period afterwards to make sure his GI tract doesn't reopen, and me now having to be SUPER SUPER SUPER vigilant that he never again can eat things like paper towels rolls, toilet paper, stuffed toys...it's a lot to take in. Oakley is my world...I feel awful and guilty and miss him terribly. Hoping and praying for good news soon.
    Thanks guys- the support is needed and appreciated

    On a funny note: the same ER vet is taking care of him that handled his xylitol poisoning, she knew right away when she saw him that it was Oakley- and she said last night he was up to his usual shannanigans of eating through his IV cords and causing a stir; today he felt too lousy to put up a fuss. I'm glad to know my boy has made a memorable impression on her

  • Sometimes, they wait and get them settled in recovery and don't call right away. Most of us have been there and know how nerve-wracking it is! I'm sure you're exhausted, emotionally and physically, but hopefully, you'll hear good news soon. Maybe Oakley will even get to come home tomorrow. Young dogs heal quickly. And we worry and agonize so much more than they do!

    Oakley certainly has had a memorable puppyhood and young adulthood!

    Let us know when you hear. We're all thinking about him and wishing him well…

  • Vet just called. Surgery went as well as possible. He did have an immediately life threatening blockage. At the end of his stomach into his intestines thy found a couple 1-2" segments of leash but the tough part was it was all attached by a 14" thread that weaved into the large and small intestines and stomach. It was very recent that the blockage became life threatening however his intestines showed bunching and bruising consistent with pulling from the thread so he is on and will come home with motility medication to get his intestines contracting and functioning again. The lucky part was the surgeon was able to manipulate the matter out of the intestines back into the stomach and then make the incision in the stomach. whats great about that is the stomach heals very quickly and it decreases the after surgery complications that come with opening the GI tract. He did well with the anesthesia and is awake and looking around. I'll get an update tomorrow between 10-noon. If they get him to eat without regurgitating and he is otherwise well she believes he young and healthy enough to maybe come home tomorrow night. He will come home with anti nausea meds, pain meds and the motility meds. He's to be on a bland boiled chicken or hamburger diet. She told me it could be several days before he poops and not to expect a solid stool. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off work and am praying for good news tomorrow. The morning will bring a whole new level of security at home…my lockdown of items is going to get much tougher...Oakleys is a plotter and will go to amazing lengths to get into seemingly unreachable items, that's no longer an option...hoping to get some sleep, have a productive morning of preparing for my impish baby to come home.

    I'll update tomorrow
    Thanks everyone, your supports been a great help

  • Excellent news! So relieved!

    Fingers crossed he gets to come home tomorrow. That would probably help both of you. In the meantime, hopefully, you'll get a good night's sleep and feel better in the AM.

  • Hope so Pamela, it's been a whirlwind of emotions: guilt,worry, upset…you name it...my fingers are crossed, prayers spoken...

  • Oh, Chealsie - having been through it all so recently, I do so feel for you…I hope your baby boy comes bouncing back tomorrow...rooting for you both....

  • Oh I am so relieved. I know it's crazy, but I really feel like I "know" these puppies. I'm sure they will call early tomorrow and say "come get your dog NOW!!!" 🙂

  • I hope so agilebasenji!!!

    My father told me today I should have learned my lesson about never getting another basenji. I told him he didn't get it. Part of it is that he's a basenji but mostly it's because he's Oakley. He's the most determined, inventive, "Houdini"…imp I've ever come across. He is so smart and has so much fortitude to get what he wants...his complete unapologetic behavior is so endearing...I can't imagine ever getting a different breed of dog; perhaps the next time around I'll shoot for the other end of the basenji spectrum...lol, the easier version!! But i wouldn't trade him for a billion dollars. Many times he feels like the only thing I know I've done right in twenty five years...he is my love, my patience, my laughter and so much more!

  • @Chealsie508:

    I can't imagine ever getting a different breed of dog; perhaps the next time around I'll shoot for the other end of the basenji spectrum…lol, the easier version!!

    Well, you're due. My first basenji was a difficult child. Horrible temperament, but we did love each other. My second was/is the most perfect dog to walk the face of this planet. That was, of course, my wonderful Digital the brindlewonderkid. Then came Jet the trying and then Zest! my superstar. So that will give you an idea of how my basenji history went. 🙂

  • I.m a bit late but sooo glad everything sounds to be working out after Oakley's mishap, wow reminds me to keep an eagle eye on my boy they just seem to get into everything and it goes straight into their mouths, they are just so inquisitive. Hope he improves quickly and then you can relax a little, best wishes from Kaiser and me.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • First Basenji's

    Thinking of you while Oakley mends and heals. Glad you were able to get him in quick!

  • Good news!
    And maybe celebrate with a new leather leash.

  • Thanks everyone for all the support and good wishes. It was a long sleepless night; I just can't seem to sleep soundly without a little boy laying on top of me!! I called last night before ten to get an update. The tech told me they ha him on a warm water bed to bring his temp up because it was still low (although creeping up)…she said he was being quiet ( totally not him) but that he was heavily medicated...she said he was looking around and once looked right at her while on the phone with me 🙂

    It's going to be a looooong morning because I won't hear anything until around noon...I'm hoping they can successfully get him to eat and keep down food.

  • have you heard anything yet? sending healing thoughts to you and Oakley. And honestly, it really is not just a Basenji thing, eating things they should not. I know a Dobe that the owners said they should just put a zipper in his belly as they were on their 3rd ER surgery

  • @tanza:

    have you heard anything yet? sending healing thoughts to you and Oakley. And honestly, it really is not just a Basenji thing, eating things they should not. I know a Dobe that the owners said they should just put a zipper in his belly as they were on their 3rd ER surgery

    oh very true. ask any vet about rock eating labs!

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