• @ownedbyspencer:

    Ava has tempted me to dispense with the glasses and go with the bottle. On more than one occasion. I would expect no less from Oakley. 😉

    Oh, well, they say red wine helps you live longer, so perhaps that will counteract the negative impact of the stress.


    Agile and Pamela: I'm a firm believer in a chilled bottle of red wine..or perhaps a great margarita considering the weather were havin here!! Also a believer in the benefits and stress relief they provide 😉

  • I just went through a similar situation with my Kobi Saturday. She didnt eat anything we know of but has a stomach issue which
    could have been caused by who knows what. Biopsies sent in. Sleepless weekend. And she too cracked the vets office up eating through
    her iv cords etc.

  • Hope he is doing well. Nemo ate part of a towel and luckily they were able to pull it out through the stomach similar to Oakley. That should make the recovery easier. Hang in there!

  • Thanks nemo….unfortunately I have to go into work for two hours tpmrorow. I'm super stressed bc I don't want to leave Oakley alone with his fresh incision...also he still needs round the clock care...not happy about going in so now I'm taking Wednesday off...Oakleys ER vet called to follow up and is super please he already had a stool, she wasn't expecting him to this soon. Unfortunately I have to work an overnight this Thursday (10p-7a) so both his vet and I thought it best for me to drive to the hospital she works at Thursday nights ( 45mins away 😞 ) so she can supervise him to ensure he's not getting at his incision, walking him because he can't be alone that long of a time at least until next week...it'll be a lot of driving, I'll be tired and it's another 45$ but it's the best thing for him...my vet carefully reminded me to reserve my happiness until the two week mark bc Oakley has a lot going on and while the outside incision needs 7 days to heal the inside part needs two weeks...and Oakley lives to lick and both incisions or scabs!...but since he's done well with the stools, she's having me cut down his metronidazole to nothing after tonight's midnight dose and tomorrow morning dose...and cutting his metacloperamide to two times tomorrow instead of three and so forth. Lastly, I'm going to be cutting his small food intake into larger quarter cup hamburger and rice four times a day instead of 4tbs every three hours.

    My biggest issue is getting through tomorrow morning stupid work meeting...I feel like it's the wrong thing to do to leave him alone...that and working 9-2 Thursday...trying to catch some sleep...leaving at 7 to drive to ocean state vet hospital then to work 10p-7a then back to the hospital then home....Oof, I really want this weekend to come!!

  • Can someone stay with him for the time you have to be away tomorrow? The neighbour you mentioned before?

  • If you can't get a dogsitter, can you take him to your vet for a few hours of cage rest while you're at your meeting? I know he doesn't like the vet, but he would be supervised. Or maybe sedate him– not ideal, but maybe a short-term solution? Or even take him with you to your meeting (sedated, if necessary)? Or perhaps you could Skype or VC into your meeting from home? Or use a puppy cam, if you have one. (If not, that might be a good solution for next time.) Or take him to work and have someone else watch him while you're in your meeting? I'm the Queen of Creative Solutions! I couldn't leave Spencer alone the last nine months of his life and I can't leave Ava alone now, so I know that it can make life very challenging.

    But I'm thrilled to hear he's doing so well!

  • Tell them your car wouldn't start, or that you are sick, and stay home. How much are you going to contribute to any meeting when your thoughts are elsewhere the whole time? You would be doing them a favour by not attending. 🙂

  • I am so glad he pooped and is being a brat… good signs of recovery. 🙂

  • I must have the only dog that gets excited twice a day when it's time for his meds! 🙂 I've come to believe he has no idea he's getting 3 pills wrapped in a piece of turkey….he hears the rattle of the pill bottle and comes running and sits there just waiting for his turkey! Everyone laughs because you can be anywhere and just shake a bottle of pills and he comes running for turkey!

    Chealsie you drive all the way into RI for the animal hospital and I drive all the way out of RI to MA/Tufts for Sonny's doctors! 🙂

  • Went to work, I realize the now how important it was to be at the meeting and how much I was needed but still…it was incredibly difficult to leave Oakley- he ended up ripping of his inflatable collar and was very upset with me leaving...his incision looks ok so even if he irritated it, he didn't do any harm...I took the rest of the week off other than the overnight which I can't help and 5 hours on Saturday but that's the "safe zone" period...glad im home, glad that's over with...I got the call too late and with such short notice I couldn't arrange for the sitter or the vet to boar him.

    Very lucky everything turned out ok. Thank my lucky stars 😉

  • Glad everything is going relatively smoothly and that Oakley pooped! He is lucky to have such a devoted mom!

  • I'm glad the punkster made out okay and is continuing to improve. He's a survivor, and he does have a devoted mom! Sounds like he might have nine lives like my Spencer did! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    So happy that life is getting back to a 'normal' with Oakley. Oh the stress! 'They' say that a particular dog comes into our life for a reason…..He definitely found the mom that is dedicated to him!!!! Glad he is back to his punky self! After this weekend and a few glasses, you'll be back too!

  • How is baby boy doing? Hope that things are going well and that he is healing well… positive thoughts that all is well!

  • Thanks everyone. Buddy's Pal: I say all the time that he chose me and that while I didn't necessarily get the dog I wanted ( in the beginning) I got the dog I needed. He taught me to live life again after my relationship ended..I waited three years/seasons and all the while expected a red and white girl and I got a black and white boy 🙂
    Wouldn't trade him for a million bucks, not that I believe anyone who take him much less pay 😉

    We are one week out from surgery, today was the first day unsupervised and he is doing much better. He's passed the safety zone for anything surgically to go wrong, and at the point where the "outside" stitches can't be reopened. Another few days of medications (were down to 3 pills + 1 syringe a day which is great–>no more 6ams)..he has been home since Saturday night and has pooped 8 times successfully..which is great considering the vet thought he'd go three or four days without going at all!
    Just switched to regular Fromms kibble from boiled hamburger and rice..can't wait to be able to plump him up..poor baby is down to a measily 19 lbs from his 23.5 average; I'm afraid people will think I'm starving or mistreating him!

    Appetites great, he is resting his belly and seems to know he needs to spend more time healing, I'm very proud of him

    P.S. thanks for the mini marshmallow suggestion: works great for the larger pills I can't hide in his food!

  • Hooray! So pleased for you both!

  • Great news to hear!

  • Glad things are progressing!

  • Any ideas on what to feed him to get him to gain back the almost 5lba he lost?? We're finally back on his kibble from his boiled bland diet..he currently gets Fromms kibble but I'm trying to think of ways to add or substitute to help him out…thinking of adding a little broth to the meal, giving tuna occasionally..I've tried veggies but he's picky 😕
    I'll try cooked sweet potatoes, steamed green beans but those were a past fail...I'm thinking of cooking a variety of meat/poultry to add to the kibble, bison, chicken..I could try fish but I gather it's not his favorite..but the actual "bulking up" part is harder to grasp...I feel like I'm just diversifying his meals and not adding good weight potential.. Is it more beneficial to gaining weight if I give him the meat/poultry raw? Or is it better and safer (to his recovery) if I cook it?

  • Vegetables are good for him but won't add weight. You want calorie dense meals. I wouldn't worry about putting the weight back on quickly, but one way would be to just add another feeding (rather than feeding more at each meal), if you are/were happy with the food you currently use.

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