• Hello all,

    Not new to the forums, but never made an official introduction so I've decided that since the new baby has arrived might as well!

    I became interested in basenjis back in 2010; I was never much of a dog person, loved cats, and had been around 'male' retrievers my whole life. I thought all dogs were about the same - jumped on people, slobbery, shed a lot, ran off, pulled while on a leash, stinky… I would care for my parent's dogs like family, but the bond between man and dog that I had heard about never really formed.

    I came back from a lot of traveling in 2010 and came to the conclusion that I needed something more in my life. I took one of those 'dog breed match' quizzes. The match I got was a Schipperke. When I scrolled down I was introduced to the basenji; with a 5% match. I Immediately fell in love with the description and look. After doing more research trying to talk myself out of it...I got my first puppy (Beo) and it's been non-stop fun ever since. Within the first week or so I knew I was eventually going to get another one.

    Meet Bop-It. Arrived on Friday 🙂 She's a charmer, smart....and I'm instantly in love. Beo didn't take long to warm up to her either. She's about 14 weeks.

    Mother: Teazer Khani's All-American Girl
    Father: Am CH N'Focus Polar Express

    She was a complete surprise; I was very interested in her sire "Dude" because of his looks, lure coursing titles, and was told he has a great personality. Unfortunately, there were no reservations left. Puppies are matched according to personalities so there was one more reservation left for another litter (as I was looking for a small, black n' white female for LC ) and when the time finally came I was so ecstatic to find out that I would have a girl from "Dude" after all . Her face is the spitting image of "Amy" .


  • Congrats on your new baby!

  • Adorable !!! Enjoy her! Our little guy Tiki is about her age right now. So much fun!! 🙂

  • Thanks! I know Hana, it has been a blast so far. Enjoy Tiki as well.

  • What a girl!
    You can't talk yourself out of having a B when it hits you. We have two now…

  • It's funny KJ

    when I first started researching Bs I was talking to a friend who's aunt had bred basenjis (don't know her name or kennel) and he told me well I'm waiting until I have time for 2 or 3….and I think I said "why would you want more than one?"

    They are addictive. Two will be the max for me for awhile though, not sure about you

  • Some years ago , before we were married, my wife had a pair if B's that she showed until she retired them. When we met, somehow I talked her into getting a Shiba Inu, and eventually another. Because of her experiences with B's she kept telling me how similar they were to our Shiba's. About 4 years ago I saw an ad in the Star, for a 2 yo female B, her owners had never had a dog, let alone a B, and they had no idea how to get along with B's. The poor baby was terribly hand shy, would growl and snap if you disciplined her. As I am retired and Karin works full time from home it fell to me to try and fix this poor baby. After 6 months she learned to cuddle, slept curled up under my arm every night, and was a total fsce kisser.
    The main point to this story, I fell in love with Basenji's and we now have 3, simply proving that like Lays Potato Chips, you can't have just 1 Basenji.

  • Congrats on the new baby! I really REALLY would like to add a second one..

  • Congrats, I'm thinking another would be dangerous for me as look how cute your little girl is how do you say no to that face. Everyday I think my boy is getting more cute, if only he knew he could get away with more mischief. Have fun.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Congratulations on the gorgeous baby 🙂

    I love black and whites ❤

  • @ Mr. Baroo

    Agreed! They are definitely like potato chips. Shiba Inus are gorgeous dogs too. it was between that and a basenji when I had finally narrowed the choices down (when deciding to get my first dog). Couldn't resist the calling of a second basenji, never were any other options.

    @ crazysenji
    You are powerless to resist. The big hint is that you tend see more 'two or three' basenji people than 'one basenji' people….or at the very least they have a second or third dog of any calling card.

    Already having way too much fun as sad as that sounds. Days are going by really fast. Cracks me up when she takes off with one of my boots. Today she used my leg as a spring board to get on to the computer desk.
    They are too cute. No such thing as an un-cute basenji. At least with the second you're a little more prepared.

    @ moth
    Thanks! The exotic brindles and formal black and whites are my favorite colors (for basenjis). But there really is no bad looking basenji 🙂 The sneaky "masked" look of the tri, and the primitive look of the reds are beautiful as well.

  • So pretty! I'm just getting interested in them, it wasn't that long ago that I discovered the breed on accident. I'm pretty convinced that my chihuahua is mixed with it. I'm not sure how to post attachments on the thread so I posted pics of her in an album here on my profile. Any ideas on what she's mixed with are welcomed and wanted.

  • Love the name Bop-it!! Have fun with the puppy stage, it goes by too quickly….

  • Thanks! wanted to give her a good name since I fudged Beo's name…....named him Darby O'Gill and then realized weeks in that it spells 'Dog' so had to rush to change it. Named him Beo after Beowulf - because he seemed so anti-heroic and I never figured he'd be much of a protector. Name curse took over from there though. Bop-It should be safe from the name curse.

    Sound advice, trying to enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

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