Hestekin hills in the news

That's disgusting…I thought this kennel had already been shut down?? Or at least I remember the kennel name from somewhere...it is so unfathomable that a person could treat an animal this way

it's weird. she used to breed basenjis, berners, and some other breeds i believe. now all those pages are gone, but it looks like the facility is a rescue/shelter, but still run by the same person. so, i have no idea what happened between breeding those dogs and now. Maybe someone else will enlighten us . Tanza's got a good memory on her, maybe she knows more????? there was a long conversation on this kennel here a while ago.

That's likely where I heard the name..it wasn't the thread that got taken down when legal action was threatened was it? I just can't believe someone could do this, suck at breeding then think a rescue is any better? At what point do these people get banned from owning a life? And enforce that ban..ugh

No surprise… IMO... I don't know more that what is put here..... but not surprised in this day/age with selling puppies... no different then any other BYB....


I found the above with a simple google search. there is lots of stuff out there.

And she still has for sale pages if you google…

I don't believe she was ever charged with felonies that stuck before. Maybe this time she can be shut down for good.

I find it a bit scary that all this information was out there yet the horrendous situation above was allowed to happen 😞

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