• Hello:
    My 6 mo. old male Basenji puppy doesn't like having his nails done with my Dremmel Pet Grooming tool. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • My girl doesn't like her nails done either. I have got her really relaxed on my lap and then cut her back nails which she tolerates better than her front ones. She fights tooth and nail when it comes to her front ones, she hates her front legs or feet being held. I hold her close, firmly and let her know she's not going to win this battle. It is getting easier and it will for you too.

  • Mine was used to it to a degree when I got him but screamed when I did it myself the first time. I just held him and kept going and he just gave in. After we were done I praised him and he batted at the dremel and ran around like it was a new game. He still doesn't LOVE it but he allows me to do it and doesn't put up a fuss.

  • make it a game even do one of your fingers so he can watch. also try one or two toes a day not all 4 feet. I also find treats and treats and treats and tons of praise helps. also try not to think it is going to be a hrad thing to do - I swear they know what we are thinking

  • DON'T GIVE IN… I sit on the floor up against the wall and put mine on their back in between my legs.... Then I dremel the nails... if they fight, in that position you can cross your leg over the pup and there by pinning him there. They still fight about it... but they learn that "sorry" its going to happen. I for one do ALL 4 feet at the same sitting.... and I do my kids once a week, every week. In between each foot I give them treats (with them still on their backs between my legs)..... My Franie was a bear at first and she still doesn't love it... but puts up with it....

  • As part of everyday petting and playing, I handle my dogs' feet a LOT. Like, rubbing and squeezing toe pads, massaging all the joints in the foot and pasterns, stretching and flexing each toe, rubbing and squeezing nails, filing tiny bits with a regular nail file, then clipping nails is just a part of the whole thing. I've never tried using a dremel, could you try desensitizing to a regular hand-nail file, first? I can see why a power tool would freak a puppy out.

  • @mixie:

    could you try desensitizing to a regular hand-nail file, first? I can see why a power tool would freak a puppy out.

    This is a good idea. And then you could add in the sound of the dremel, and slowly introduce it. Treats for good behaviour, but fade them once the dog understands that nails are not optional, but a regular grooming activity.

  • Keep doing it regardless of the fight and struggle and eventually it'll be "old hat"..I never gave in and continued to dremel oakleys nails after I got him from his breeder (who did so)…and he is worlds better about it. Occasionally
    He might get fiesty about it but it's more about arguing with me than being upset by it.
    He is after all, still a basenji!

  • I have found a great tool to help with nail cutting/drummeling.
    It's called the Calming Cap from the makers of the Thundershirt.
    It goes over the head like a hood and because the dog can't see well,
    it stays calm.
    About 20 or so years ago, I used to put a sock over my dogs head.
    It worked much in the same way.
    You might want to try it because it really works.

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