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make it a game even do one of your fingers so he can watch. also try one or two toes a day not all 4 feet. I also find treats and treats and treats and tons of praise helps. also try not to think it is going to be a hrad thing to do - I swear they know what we are thinking

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Foxy grows the downy undercoat at winter also - lulu and max do not. judy [d.2012] and albert [d.2013] did not.

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the couch - the bed and any other place you can think of - welcome to the life of a basenji owner lol

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I know it is so frustrating - but since I have had basenji's 1. all my clothes are picked up and put away 2. no garbage can is on the floor 3. all TP is on the counter not in the holder 4. nothing is within paw reach on the kitchen counters lol I am sure there is more but those are the top four I live by. I also tend to 'forget' to pick up all the newspaper so they think they are one up on me. Also toys toys and more toys and lots of things just for them to chew. Good luck

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