• My female, Zhara, likes to "chew" on Ziggy. She runs up to him and begin chewing, or nibbling, on his neck. These are very tiny, very fast movements and she's never biting or, from what I can tell, hurting him at all. He just sits calmly, basically ignoring her. She generally then licks his face a few times.

    I'm wondering if this is some type of grooming behavior … has anyone else seen this type of gentle "grooming-chewing" in their Basenji?


  • Maya does this all the time, to herself, the other dogs AND me! It doesnt seem to hurt her or the other dogs but she has pinched my skin a couple of times when she did it to me.. Naughty girl!

    My cats groom like this also though, i wonder if thats one of the reasons for the basenjis reputation of being cat like 🙂

  • Amina is our most persistent 'nibbler.' We joked that she would have hairless puppies if she continually nibbled them the way she does all the other dogs. None of them seem to mind it; I agree, I think it's grooming.


  • I call it flea-ing - All of mine do it to each other.

  • @renaultf1:

    I call it flea-ing - All of mine do it to each other.

    LOL, we call it "de" flea-ing!! Franie does it to C-Me all the time and C-Me really likes it… she will stop what she is doing, even when chewing a really good bully stick!

  • We call it 'flea-biting' and grooming. Some do it, others don't, no one seems to mind it. I would call it natural and affectionate!

  • My girl Wheat does that to me when we are just getting settled down to bed.
    I think its a bit of love they do with their mouths…very gentle.

  • Cara flea bites me a lot but omg, poor Leora, it's almost nonstop when she is home. One day she made her get under the covers, then said in a sad voice "now she's flea biting my thigh." LOL

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