• Just a quick report on a behavior we had never seen before from Ella.

    We had a friend over for dinner that brought her Labradoodle, Oshee. The two dogs got along well. After a few hours the Labradoodle was lying down snoozing when I noticed that Ella that was chewing at something and realized she was chewing on Oshee's fur. Oshee was not bothered but despite our efforts to distract her, Ella was focused on chewing, grooming and eating his loose, bushy coat for the rest of the time they were there. At one point we called Ella off and she looked up at us guiltily with a mouth full of hair as if to say, "I don't know how this hair got in my mouth."

    Anybody ever seen this before?

  • I guess it's the Basenjis like to make sure everybody is clean and groomed like them. Ella is just being a good friend and helping out Oshee.

  • Medjai will do that to a bunch of dogs at the park. He looks almost like he's nibbling on their shoulders.

  • Barley shocked us all when we were visiting my boyfriend and he was getting an in home hair cut. Barley started eating all the hair off the ground!!! I couldn't imagine this being nutritious for him so I made him stop. It was a fight as I tried to hold him and he WANTED to eat the hair!!! Not sure what this craving was about??

  • Ha-ha! Denver will perch himself on the top of the couch above where my husband is sitting & try to chew-clean his eybrows in between licking his face off! :p

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