Introducing Achilles, Rosie and Honey

Hi, here is a picture of Achilles, one of Achilles and Rosie, our 8 year old shepard cross, and Honey, our three year old Boarder Collie/Greyhound.


OMG! They are ALL so adorable!! BTW, I love the names! The one of Achilles and Rosie is so sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Great Pictures!

Awww they are all 3 so CUTE!!!

They are ALL so cute 🙂

What a great looking family you have. Love the pics!!!

Great pictures! I especially like the second one. Those are some comfy looking doggies.

Honey's portrait is beautiful and unusual! All your dogs look warm and pretty.

OOOOHHHHH, I just love the pix…all three of your babies look so sweet...thanks for sharing...

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