Healing Touch for Animals

The other day I took a Level 1 course in Healing Touch for Animals in The Netherlands.
Wonderful stuff, working with dogs and horses.
I took Binti for the dog practice and she was a real trooper: quiet and cooperative throughout the long day (9 am - 6 pm) and just loving all that energy.
She stole many hearts (no one had ever seen a B in the flesh, or had heard about it).
In the picture I am working on Binti.

she looks very happy and connected to you.

Gorgeous pic! I think Staffies have the nicest dog smile, but nothing ever looks happier than a happy Basenji….

She looks like she is enjoying your touch, I love it when they look into your eyes, it really seems like they are talking with their eyes.

Jolanda and Kaiser

That's a lovely photo. There's a lot of trust in those eyes…

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