• Have I said lately that I love, love this breed of dogs, Basenjis:D 😃 are the smartest dogs I have ever seen. Tonight my hubby and I were playing with Sahara on our bed, and she started to chew on my hand alittle for me to give her attention and my hubby said, "Sahara don't bite Mommie, give her love, and she looked at me with her head cocked and pawed at my arm and started licking me, it was just amazing. She was listening to my hubby so intently and just got real close to me and started giving me love. We could not believe it, I have always noticed how Sahara listens to me so intent, like she knows exactly what I am saying. Of course she has times she doesn't listen, like when I want her to do something she doesn't want to do, haha!!!! The majority of the times she does listen and does what I want. I LOVE this furbaby, hubby and I are Basenji hooked.

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